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Full name: 😻Nick name: 🔫Battery percent: 📱Iphone or Android: 💬Last person in your texts: 🎂Birthday: ❤Something you love: 😍Someone you trust: 🎶Last song you listened to: ✏Favorite color: 🍸Favorite drink: 📺Favorite movie: 🍫Favorite chocolate: 👫Relationship status:

Komal hafeez:Komi : 67% : Android :best friend :2 july :I love tea :I trust my best friend :Savage love :Black :lemonade :resident evil : kit Kat : Shud Single 😊

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Today is the night when Quran has been completed.(Laylat-ul-Qadar). If u get this night try to read Quran & offer prayers because this night is better than 1000 months. Read surat Qadar & Remember in duas. May Allah bless you all and your family

JazakaAllah.... May Allah pak fulfill all your wishes and bless you with everything you deserve... Much respect toyl you and remember me in your prayers ?

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