Ask @komli6:

Okay So Imagine A Scene.... That A friend of Yours is suffering from A Lung Cancer :) Terminal... That Friend Is Suffering In Pain With every breath of his..And He asks you To end All his Pain ...As he wants peace :') Would You do it? Keep it real (Not Focusing On your religion )

imagination itself sucks
no its impossible for me to do so
and letting thm in pain is also not bearable
but i will make myself calm by saying Allah loves thm more, he won't let his creature in pain for long 😦

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Thoughts on life... ✨

sometimes life seems to b fuc---- your mind,soul
wht u wanted the most, life took tht away frm u leaving u all devastated
one (like me) really wanted to end life mgr believe me
life turns out to b more beautiful thn teaches u a life lesson,makes u strong and u come back much more devoted and a strong person ready to face new challenges
so in short life is beautiful
one needs to b patient and wait for the btr to come
believe in life 💕

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