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Michael, I'm sorry i was such a dick a bit ago. I'm just stressed. Stressed I can't be there with you, and because I could be a much better boyfriend for you, and I'm just really sorry for fucking up so much lately. I love you so much you have no idea. Thank you for putting up with me. im sorry.

It's no big deal. You weren't being a dick. I love you a lot. You're the best ever and you're great and i love being through everything with you. I love you so much.

when are you and kayden gonna meet each other?

we already did back in early july I'm seeing kayden again today tho and I'm excited

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How did ur mom pass :/?

that's a private reason, if you really wanna know message me or text me or something

"tight butthole" just means "cool".

oh okay. thanks for the vocab lesson. ill definately use it in future conversations, thank you anon!

Yo, it's Sid's black ass, and I was scrolling through your messages and man people are dicks. But I want you to know, I fully support you and this Kayden person. So I guess my question is are you coming to orientation?

thanks yo. when the fuck is it anyway

Why are you so upset on facebook? What happened? o:

i just hate some people who keep popping up in my life

props for standing up for people you care about when a bunch of bigots want to do nothing but hate

thank you

What frustrates you the most?

when people hate on my bby for no reason like damn let two bitch niggas be happy, sorry of she rejected you but damn

lol you are so pathetic for dating that stupid 15 y/o tranny

its funny because "that tranny" makes me reaply happy and what do you care about other peoples relationships like damn let two niggas be happy. if you send hate through anon you think you're the better person when you're really not

do you like waffles? do you like pancakes? do you like french toast?

good song. and yeah I like them all cx

I hate it how you just stopped talking to me...but yo what's up?

who is this yo? I've stopped talking to a lot of people and I regret it.


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