Ask @kounj:

Ramble time plzzz

If you ever get a chance to meet my niblings, I'm never freaking owning them like, they don't belong to me.
You see, that feeling when you go through your relatives' whatsapp statuses and you question yourself if you were born into the right khandan or it was a shuffle-game in the hospital?
I mean, those shitty tik toks and those sad and everyone is a snake quotes or that gandey bachon ki tasweerein. Ugh.
When my cousins put their pictures and videos I send them these emojis, ❤️😍❤️ but when my brother puts his pictures I send him, "🤢🤢🤢 blakh, ayeeee mood off hogaya🤢🤢" 😂
So I have a small mole on my nose and it looks like I have a pierced nose and Bubble thinks I walk abnormally in high heels 😂😂
And all I can think of is food. And someone who'd shower me with gifts and cook for me. Smh.

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