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I tried to sneak on here without you knowing and you still found out. Are you a spy?

No. Think about it. I actually didn't know until now. Question is, how does that make you feel..?

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what’s worse? The work snitch or the wanna be manager 🤔🤔🤔

The backstabbing, two faced, low life so called friend that turned street snitch ..

Is anyone else super tired of all of the anonymous shoutouts about their relationship problems? 🤨 can we just see some positivity going on instead?!

TristaMaldonado’s Profile PhotoTrista
Personally I can't let myself put out my negative laundry on any social platform. FB, AskFm, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.. What you said is very true, i see sad relationship issues, financial troubles, etc type of post being made almost everywhere you happen to frequent. It really comes off to me as more of a way to get some kinda of pity attention in many ways. I like attention too, but I don't like sounding like I'm dying because of issues that everyone goes through. It's life, we have to go through it whether we want or not. I do, I'm sure you do, as well as every other person that is living.. so why dwell on, or allow others to have to think of your problems knowing they all have their own issues, just to get noticed in a way. I can honestly understand needing to vent, but everyday, the same old same boo hoo, poor poor pitiful me.. but hey that's just one man's take on shit that's really none of my business, but yet I can't seem to stop reading them knowing from the jump how those story go, but yet here we are. Sorry for babbling thanks for listening though

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TV on or off when you go to bed?

Always on. I work early, but the infants don't agree with my schedule, so it occupies them.

How long were u in a relationship u KNEW wasn’t going to last?

Years... 10+ but I believed in the vowels I took... And Luke a typical young hypocrite I had children I thought would be better off with both parents present.


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