Wyobrażasz sobie umówić się na randkę z kimś, kto ma 10 psów?

The aim of this document is to provide basic information to help you start working with R. Further documents will be available to introduce specific analysis and other tasks. Note that the statistical functions used in this introduction are only meant to explain how R works and are purely illustrative. You can find some general information on R here. R powerful programming language and environment for statistics with a huge library of packages; these documents provide just a short introduction for courses using R for data exploration and visualization. More information is never far away (on-line help, internet) and many print publications on R are available.
This document describes the standard user interface for R (command windows). Many other users interfaces/environments, namely graphical user interfaces (GUI) are available, some are developments projects, others are mature and used/supported by large user communities or established companies. Noteworthy user interfaces are:
R commander a menu driver user interface meant for teaching and basic use of statistics
Rstudio A full IDE (Integrated Development Environment), (R Studio is a company developing many R related projects).

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