Ask @kpopalypse: gosh i'd love to believe you but with no source i just can't do it. :^) i only gain some measure of relief from the fact that you don't care if i believe you whether i believe you or not

There was one particular case I think in the 1970s that really sort of kicked it all off, where some really horrible guy just wanted to die so he campaigned heavily for the death penalty so he could get what he wanted. Sorry I don't remember the details but yeah not my country's dumb laws so idgaf really

View more it did? when? how? in hwich states?

I can't remember the details but I saw a film about it years ago. The death penalty was out of vogue more or less and had a chance of being eradicated completely from the US, and then was brought back in by demand from criminals who wanted the easy option.

View more stop being so edgy, you're scaring the children

Nothing edgy about it. The death penalty came back into vogue in the US at the request of murderers who saw death as a better alternative than paying for their crimes in prison. Death is a way for the worst criminals to opt out of punishment.

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I change my mind about Blair White looking off with the work she got done on her face because she looks better than she ever has nowadays. How exactly does plastic surgery "settle in" so well?

idk I guess you'd have to ask a surgeon that one

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Heard that before. It was supposed to end in 1981.

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She's thanking you for your support. Do you acknowledge?

np Seola Kpopalypse is looking out for you

View more I meant background music oppa

Oh right. idk I don't play music while playing video games

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Do you support the death penalty?

No it's dumb. It doesn't punish people enough, it's the easy way out. I'm in favour of something crueller.

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What's your favourite flavour of vape?

I don't smoke so why would I vape

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When I try to Google Kpopalypse one of the search suggestions is "kpopalypse Doyeon". Do you have some insight here to offer? What was the process into getting this media pass? I'm assuming it has something to do with your radio show, but I don't think the organizers know what they've gotten themselves into lol.

Kon Vict I just asked them. And no they probably weren't aware but hey they still get the promised promo about it. They're Australian after all so they might "get it".

View more Why do performers react like that on rejection, they should literally have seen "everything" after years in the industry?

Because it's not expected and they wonder about that person's motivation for being there

View more If someone who is mainly targeting female fans is doing this, is this a try to obtain more male fans, or is this some kind of "social proofing" his attractiveness?

Not sure what you mean, what is he doing.

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[article deleted] If fan letters are pree- monitored, how can this happen? Also, what sense does pree- monitoring of the letters have?

Do not link content from The Great Satan thank you. But the answer is that someone else opened his mail and he was then told about the contents.

View more What is the sense of not accepting expensive gifts but accepting cheap gifts?

Probably so idols don't look greedy or whatever

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Despite all your rage you are still just a rat in a cage?

Don't click, don't spread the curse

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how many languages do you speak?

One. I know a little German but to say I "speak" it would be one hell of an exaggeration.

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Can’t believe she’s only 17. Do you think she has a hot body for someone so young?

Johnny Noh don't you have a website to run

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Do you wash the bottom of your feet?

omg it's that foot fetishist who was posting here about 3 years ago where you been

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Too many steps

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Looks good! Mind you I already cook healthy like a motherfucker I don't really need this.

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If you were a movie spy would you rather be like James Bond or would you rather be like Jason Bourne?

I've never seen a Jason Bourne film so idk

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Do you like Lynyrd Skynyrd ?

Not really. They're actually not that big in Australia.

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Sophie Cookson, pretty or no?

Pretty but in that generic way, doesn't interest me

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