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Watching the news re the people being run over in London. Isn't the media part of the problem? They've been talking about the incident for hours and thus the culprit gains attention and notoriety. Can't they say that there was a suspected terror attack in London and them move on to other news?

I haven't been follow this so I can't comment specifically. But the media is part of the problem with a lot of things like this. For instance Westboro is only about 20 people but the way the media craps on about them you'd think there were thousands of them.

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I know you always tell us not to be validated by your opinions on music, but I have to admit, when I was one of about two people defending "Power Up" on Asian Junkie, I kept thinking "I bet Kpopalypse likes it too." And I was right!

I'm not saying my taste in music is the be-all and end-all or anything, but it's better than Asian Junkie's lol

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Slayer: I asked this before, but I found the answer. Yes, Slayer uses Major keys all the time. Kerry had this clinic on YT and he went from Minor tapping to major back to Minor where u wouldnt notice in the solos cuz it sounds so dark in contxt. Also, mainly they play Judas priest covers in Major

Major and minor are the same anyway, just shifted

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