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As of late, have you found any rappers with hard beats other than Necro?

I haven't been keeping close track but good underground rap is in all sorts of places

View more Remember when we agreed that ghost producing was a big no no? Isn't getting your name knwn more important 4 residual income? Why are so many agreeing w/ him then. Also, Is this fag on drugs or what?

I don't remember agreeing to that

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So FL studio says u may not sell any music made w/ their educational ver. But how would they find out or enforce it? It's not like the software announces "made in FL studio" like those freewares.

They can't, probably

View more Why are ppl telling you this? Are you Cellphonepocalypse as well now?

idk ask him not me

View more So dogs are the Hwayoungs of the pet world?

No. Dogs occasionally get exercise.

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Today is International Dog Biscuits Day! So why do you hate dogs?

Because they smell and are licky and jumpy and needy.

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how often is the title of "leader" in a k-pop actually worth shit?

When the group gotta decide whose turn it is to clean the dishes

View more Would you be willing to sit thru a video where it starts off with a loud black American saying "It's yah boi"?

I would probably avoid that too.

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Oppar, do you think Fatty & The Archeologists would be a good band name?

Yes, start this band immediately before someone else who follows my steals the idea from you

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Do you like ABBA

I'm Australian, liking ABBA is a requirement for citizenship here

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Could you give me an example of a song with three or more simultaneous melodies in harmony vocals that sounds good?

What are your favorite albums in kpop - as in, albums that not only in your opinion have a standout title track but also a high percentage of good b-sides?

Do lyrics become more important to you in English songs, or are they as irrelevant to your enjoyment as they are in k-pop?

auxiliary beauty

In rap music they make a difference, not so much the meaning of the words but more how they are phrased. Generally although I do enjoy explicit lyrics, they don't make much difference. Good lyrics can't save a bad song, bad lyrics can't ruin a good one.

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Wait so which is more bad meaning bad? Lifted or The Baddest Female?

Not sure

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hahaha, not that it makes it any better but that "tubby" guy from the YT video was a former Microsoft employee of 15 yrs

Oh that's cool u work at shows! But what do u do? Play guitar? Is it a Caonima festival, if so I'll fly over.

Various things, but in this case yes I'm playing guitar! Not a caonima festival, I'll let you know if I ever have one of those.

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I noticed all of ur ASK gets slowed down to a crawl over the weekend, in which I assume you're busiest. Do you have more students during the weekend, or do u spend time out with your lady and cat?

Neither. The weekend is where I've been picking up a lot of work at shows lately, there's a fair bit of prep time and organisation involved for that. Right now in Adelaide it's Fringe Festival time which is always really busy for this sort of thing.

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Just a minor correction but you forgot to tag your best list of 2016 under 'reviews' :( What if the loud tubby American was an attractive lady?

That might be different

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"k-pop idols who look like busty pornstars" Plz could u do a part 2? Lot of new girls debuted since 2014 and a lot of other girls retired.

Yes but finding girls who actually look like busty pornstars is tricky. I've had a draft of this for ages.

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In your past blogs, you considered Brave Brothers to be one of the k-pop producers who constantly gave out shitty songs. Would you say that this perception has somehow changed over the past 2-3 years, with releases such as "Crying," "Sleepless Night" or "Heart Attack"?


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I'm not sure, but it seems in your last interview files, Kasper seemed not too friendly or enthusiastic. Maybe it's just me

She seemed like a cuntfaced mole to me but hey I can't help it if bitches don't appreciate the publicity I give them for free

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How many people have completed all 69 Ashley questions so far?

Only a couple

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