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Guitar: How do u practice from the pinky always going way up? Whenever my ring finger hits the fretboard my pinky goes up, delaying the time that my pinky can hit the next note. Should I rubberband my two fingers together like does that work?

You need to increase determination levels of your pinky. That reminds me that I need to do a guitar livestream or something. Soon!

View more Oppa, I don't think he understands how it works


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Thanks for telling me not to move in to that place. I found a 29th floor apartment in a recently opened apartment block with views of the whole of Brisbane instead. The view is awe inspiring and the place amazingly allows pets so I can get a cat. You helped me dodge a bullet.

Glad to help!

View more Is this cover of Dancing Queen better than their actual song aptly names the same?

er, it's the same?

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I humbly beg you to consider how awesome Dahyun is! Please notice this request oppa! (No reason sidebar girl nomination)

travis dunn

Warning: you may be missing the purpose of the no reason sidebar girl

View more Oppa I noticed it too! And I also noticed that Eunha is before the first line, and Hyosung is the most fappable member of Secret, not Jieun

Sbeaky caonimas paying careful attention I see

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Does Lee Guk Joo (famous comedian) MRS?

Do you think you're the oldest kpop fan?

Definitely not!

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Thanks for your latest nugu alert. Been struggling for years and started getting better with exercise, fam&friends, writing, music, etc. but still think abt giving up everyday. Now i realize i should take care of my eating habit too. Bless you. Have a nice day.


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I aspire to be like you

That could be dangerous, I'm a real caonima

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do you like the idea lf blackvelvet? (blackpink+redvelvet collab)

I couldn't give any fucks about which group collabs with which other group. I care if the song is good and that's it.

View more Wow. I've always enjoyed Nugu Alert but this is definitely the best one so far. I don't think you've gone this personal ever either. Can lack of vitamins really fuck up your system that badly?

Kon Vict

Thanks! Yes.

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Do you like sushi?


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How do you not care so much?

I prioritise care for the things that are important

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That's not jazz? Dude he's always tagging Jazz in his instagram. Then it's just really complex classical guitar then, is that it? Here's another ex. of his work

that's a bit more jazz... I guess? but it's also pretty classical influenced, yeah.

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Do u think the main reason ppl get wowed by Jazz players cuz its so complicated looking n sounding that no 1 could possibly figure it out? Ichika just got Ibanez 2 endorse him. I kinda feel these r totally random notes, cant remember it after a few secs

That's not jazz tho

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If Gdragon insulted you would you punch him in the face?

nah I'd just do a diss rap

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If you had to be stuck on a desert island with gdragon, shindong or Hwayoung who would you pick?

Hwayoung because a snake would have good desert survival skills

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Fav underrated kpop song?

idk what "underrated" means

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Do you fancy neil young?


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Exo vs the bloods vs the crips in gun fight, who wins?

Everybody else

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Which kpop girl group made you sad the most when you found out they were disbanding?


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I'm sorry oppa I'll try to be more interesting

thank you, appreciated

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Wow the questions here really suck today.

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