Ask @kpopalypse: Yeah this guy really exists. I can link you to an interview of him if you want, he's really loony though. Also, a liberal myth listed here is that a people are so poor that they survive only on ramen noodles. I think you can debunk that one yourself lol.

Guy is clearly nuts. Don't tell him that half of supposed "conservatives" would have as much issue with most of his list as anyone else

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oppar, I've always wanted to be a songwriter/composer/producer but I'm not at all good in singing. Everyone I know doing these things are all good singers. I don't really want to do this for a living, I just wanna make my own songs with some friends of mine. Do I really need to learn how to sing?

Nope. It's nice to have, but not essential. Far more important to know how to use a workstation keyboard and a DAW.

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"Japanese popstar says sorry for ‘causing trouble’ after alleged sexual assault" isn't she just being a professional by apologising?

I don't think she should be the one to apologise for it, but she's playing it that way because she knows what sort of society Japan is. Not everyone wants the pressure of being at the forefront of societal change, some people just want to get on with business. Not everyone has nuts as big as mine!

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