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I posted your Honourable and Dishonourable list on reddit but it got locked because it violates rules apparently in half an hour. I don't understand why billboard list are allowed but your is not

Yeah my list is just my opinion but the Billboard list is just Jeff Benjamin's opinion. We should all report everyone else's top lists to the mods. Either they're all ok or none of them are ok. Also do post my content in r/kpoppers, it'll expose the people making false rule reports to the mods as they try to find a way to get me banned off there too!

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U see this? Basically IRL reproduction of a Airport rage I hve questions: Where are the police, why are they so slow to respond? And I can tell no one is actively trying to report. Unless this staged

No idea. I feel like there's something specific happening here. If k-pop fans have learned anything over the past ten years it should be not to trust small snippets of footage without context.

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Were you serious about the K/DA song (aka people who like it are depressed losers who haven't done anything valuable in their lives) or were you taking the piss ? I feel conflicted because I liked the song...but I LOATHE gamers and gamer culture and I can't miss this chance to shit on them hmm

I like computer games like a lot of folks do but I think self-identifying as a "gamer" is just as lame as any other type of identity politics. Like a lot of my humour it's an exaggeration but there's also a grain of truth there! That being that "gamer songs" are definitely all about appealing to power fantasies of disenfranchised people and so they go for the same "epic" cliches to hook people in. Just like every hero in an RPG is saving the world all the time, because it's the power to change the world that self-identified gamers don't have in their real lives that they like to explore in games.

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(2/2) Anyways since you know plenty about the industry and music contracts, how bullshit are those rumors? I know industry contracts are shit and artists want to stop being swindled, but lawsuits are expensive and Kesha is too famous to be caught lying like that. But idk, you tell me.

Sexual assault in the music business is really common, but then so is trying to get out of a shit contract any way you possibly can. There's so much shadiness in the business on all sides that it's possible both of them could be correct.

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Finally: I explained the exact thing "I protected Jews from a racist comment , that they exist as as an ethnic group " and that line was censored in my Fb messenger to someone private. So u can see SNS is actively censoring moderate conservative opinion, they want to live in an echo chamber.

It's probably got less to do with a social media conspiracy and more to do with someone on your friends list reporting your shit, and then the third-worlders who get paid peanuts to moderate FB misinterpreting your content

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I doubt u would b ok w/this? Commenter is right, the further u push left extremism, Trump will likely win

Without any actual evidence of what happened it's tough to call this one. I wouldn't trust Ben Shapiro's website to report objectively on this.

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