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This is now CLOSED! I'm sick of this site's cryptofaggotry and the endless worthless spam questions that it's generating by nerdcoin-farmers. All future questions will be on Curious Cat for simple quick stuff (link is on my site's sidebar) or QRIMOLE (link is also on my site's sidebar) if you want a more considered response and don't mind waiting until the end of each month. Thank you, all!

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And they aren't even original because these songs clearly bring inspiration from this song

Two boring songs I don't like being inspired by a third boring song I don't like is the meh of all meh observations - even worse, this isn't even a question

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+1 answer in: “To me, the new Hyomin song sounds like the Suzy song that you put in your dishonourable mentions last year”

Oh is this actually a matter of your expectations on the song not being met? Because when Egoist first came out you liked and I thought for sure it was gonna be in your best lists. If the song is roughly around that level, it's still pretty good, it just didn't meet your expectations?

Yeah they're both good songs. But like I keep saying over and over and over and over and over and over and over again constantly ever since 1st January like oh my FUCKING god, there were lots of good songs last year so plenty of good songs missed out and just because a song didn't get in doesn't mean it was bad.

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+2 answers in: “I thought you wouldn't like Loona's Butterfly but I'm glad u actually liked it.”

I'll be the bastard to ask you about your real opinion on this song lol anyways what I really wanna ask is related to the question about stage performances. Which group would you really love to see perform live? (aside from T-ARA and LOONA)

Well, any that get high on my lists really. Wouldn't mind seeing UZA or Aseul.

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+1 answer in: “to this point I think you should just copy that hilarious sf9 comment in your upcoming roundup to make you lazy ass free of writing some random came up in rush shit and to troll people obv, who will bring to you a 4546757464 new questions on ask/qrimole about your REAL OPINION ON THIS SONG”