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Siwon's dog shouldn't be put down, but your cat should be

Don't cut yourself on those sharp edges


I'd fap to trans women, just not Riley

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Do you think animal cruelty should be treated as a felony?

Depends of the definition of animal cruelty we're using (vegans would consider farming to be animal cruelty for example), as well as what a "felony" means in legal terms which varies from one country to another.

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Your link for Sixth Sense's "Feel Me" on the 2016 HM list is broken.

here's another bad japanese song by k-pop artist if you need more for roundup

There's been an influx of questions like this, which makes me think that I'll keep coverage to Japanese songs by Korean artists to an absolute bare minimum from now on.

View more And here I thought I would never see a transgender person fit female body norms extremely well. I didn't even know operations did this well back then.

The thing is people tend not to notice the people who "pass" precisely because they "pass", and that's the idea.

View more I've always agreed with your stance on MR removed vids, but now this account definitely shows the factual methods of mr removal. Sorry dude, you've been corrected.

About every month someone links me this channel, assuming I didn't see it the previous 62 months lol

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What is one thing you have tried to change, but couldn't?

Answering questions 6 months after they're asked.

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More dubstep in Kpop? - yes or no

Dubstep gave us 2013 in k-pop, wasn't a great year. Let's no go there again.

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Are they any Kpop idols in your opinion who have got way hotter as they’ve got older? Joy now has one of the best bodies in Kpop I think.

I'd actually say almost all of them. The only ones who haven't gotten hotter as they've aged are the ones who go on crash diets and/or unnecessarily fuck with their own faces every few years.

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don't know if you've heard about the Luke Massie and Edward Avila feud but I was just thinking how amazing it would be if they both agree to be interviewed by you lol

I've already asked Luke but didn't get a response. Feel free to poke him about it.

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On the subject of boobs. Not sure if you’ve done Joy yet?

I suppose I may as well start taking suggestions for this, although it won't be posted for a few weeks. Just everyone please check back through posts to make sure your fave hasn't been covered, as I won't be covering anyone twice.

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I don't even get the logic behind why it's offensive. Kanye West's mother was black so why is drawing her as black bad? If they showed her as white wouldn't that be "whitewashing" and equally racist? You can't win with the PC crowd.

View more Is this pic good enough to judge her boobs? Definitely not. Mind you she was already covered by me anyway so I won't revisit.

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opaar are you going to do a retrospective on snsd now that they're dead and gone

The corpse is still warm I think I'll let it cool for a bit

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Have you ever considered selling your own merchandise? I’m just imaging a t-shirt with an idol’s face on it that says Kpopalypse: Meets required standards. I’d wear that and buy that.

Thought about it but I think there would only be a minority who would be interested. Also copyright of idols is an issue

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Please recommend me some k-pop songs which use Bruno Mars sound? Thanks.


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who the fuck is this and who did she kick out of EXID

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Do you ever do the stupid habit where you listen to your fav songs too much until they sound like shit to you?

No I'm very careful not to do this

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Sorry no idea what you're talking about

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Are you secretly hermit the frog but refuse to recognize the connection?

Don't talk about homeless French people like that WHY DON'T YOU KPOP FANS RESPECT THE FRENCH

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Should the end of a toilet paper roll hang over or under?

All cat owners know the correct answer to this

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If a well known Korean musician sent you a tirade of angry tweets, how would you respond?

I'd reply asking if they'd like to continue this discussion as an interview

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