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This site is fucked. Too many bot questions, I can't tell what is real and what is a bot, so it's not even worth continuing to do this as I'm just pouring my limited resources down a hole. Curious Cat is dead not and I tried Tellonym and THAT site is overloaded with bots too! So fuck all of these question/answer sites, for good, they all suck now because of all the "engagement"-driving bot spam, I will not be answering any more questions on here - ever! If you have questions from now on you have two options - send them to my weekly livestream inbox and I will answer them live on stream, or use QRIMOLE and I'll answer them at the end of the month. You can also email me privately or use Twitter DMs if it's really sensitive. Thanks everyone!

why does ask.fm has so many bots? is this a moderation issue or something

I don't know but I am totally over these bullshit questions. I can't tell who is a real person and who is a bot because so many of the questions I'm getting are just moronic shit for fuckheads, so I'm just blocking people randomly. This stuff is for followers of my writing, I don't want to waste time with people who don't give a shit.

i don’t know if you’d want to go and switch apps AGAIN but if ask.fm is too annoying or breaks down in the future there’s a alternative called tellonym

Yeah I had a quick look, not sure how good it will be, but ask.fm bots are really giving me the shits right now, they remind me of why I left. Ask.fm had better cough up with the nerdcoin quickly if they want me to stay.
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would you reccomend any specific australian cities for an international student to take a look at or are they mostly the same?

Adelaide where I live has a cheap cost of living, but it's also got less infrastructure and less cool stuff comes here, your favourite k-pop will probably skip this town if they do a tour. Sydney has a lot more going on but it's like living in New York cost-wise. Other Australian cities are somewhere in between.

Sucks that cc is gone it was one of the more streamlined question type sites i've used. At least askfm doesn't necessitate twitter

Yeah you can link them up and I did once years ago but I learned that twitter followers just got super annoyed with all the ask fm spam so I delinked them and it's remained that way ever since

Did you enjoy Queen's boobs in that video at least? (Fuck, why doesn't ask.fm allow me to reply to answered questions)

I wouldn't say it's better boob presentation than what's in the official video, and I thought "Purple Bitch" kind of MRS too in her own way so I miss her presence here

Good day! 👁️ How's you day

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It's not very good because ask.fm stole all my thousands of nerdcoins that I had when my account was last active. I had nearly as much as that guy who died going up to Everest with his ask.fm coins. The rules changed while I was away. Start liking my answers folks so I can get my nerdcoin back and redeem it for a Tesla.

Its so funny to see the whole discourse about the word "cracker" going on in America, do they not realize how racist they all sound

my ask.fm is not a place for you to rhetorically rant about how people are stupid (although they are) - just ask actual questions plz
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"Anyone who is at a Unibar but not actually studying at Uni is there to pick up. Proceed with due diligence and care." what do you mean pick up? i'm not sure if i didn't get this bc english isn't my first language or if it just flew over my head

"hook up"
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Why haven't you made an in depth review/rant on itzy???

Why haven't I made an in depth review/rant on any group? Because why should I. Literally what would be the fucking point?
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