When I've asked you about your past you've avoided the questions. You used to have a whole pre Kpopalypse Youtube channel but you made most of the videos private. You had a song about a pirate lady. Are you really an open book or are you ashamed?

I've addressed this time and time again in FAQs, on stream and Qrimole. My k-pop blogging does NOT exist to promote anything else that I do. Nothing to do with shame - I just think it's a HUGE display of utter disrespect to my readers to bait them in with k-pop and then do the old promotional switcheroo to "here's all this other non-related stuff that I do". Unlike other websites I don't exist to bleed my readers for cash using bait-and-switch tactics. If you want to get into any of the other shit that I've done over the decades be my guest, buy the fuckin' lot, there's a ton of it out there under various different names, projects etc, all of which exists for various reasons, but I'll never lead people to it from my k-pop blogging because I don't despise my readers and shit on them like Johnny Noh or NB does. Aside from this, I'm not into nostalgia. I'd rather look forward than backward, and without wanting to get too deep into the personal reasons for it, that's why some of my stuff isn't on YouTube anymore. Writing about my favourite k-pop songs at the end of this year excites me a hell of a lot more than some songs I recorded in my bedroom 15 years ago.
+5 answers in: “Does your cat make a clone army of himself w/ all the hairballs he's created? This week alone I have enough hair to make 3 of her and a kitten clone army! Shedding and hair growth is outta control after some kid poured a chemical/oil? on her skin back 4 yrs ago.”

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