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hypothetical situation: the world's destruction is inminent, you managed to find a haven that will keep you safe for the next century. Among all the people in this world, you can only choose one person to keep you company. The question is: which one would you SAVE?

The haven's size is unspecified so I define it to be earth itself. The world's destruction is also unspecified so I'll go with "the world as we know it" since apparently everyone is suddenly super safe. Only being able to be near one person at a time really sucked until I chose to save myself from this silly commitment.

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What do you think about Early Access games?

Since I'm hardly ever into new games, early access isn't really something I ever partake in. By and large there is nothing wrong with early access to me but I'm aware that the general purpose of early access is sometimes misleading or misused by actual beta versions or vica versa.

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you back yet?

To really re-visit osu! isn't to play the same game anymore. It has changed too much. My old favourite maps only ever lived on nostalgia. I want to be able to see the quality in beatmaps that I've been stuck disliking due to the change in meta and to find joy in trying to best myself playing new and challenging beatmaps.
I accept that I'll probably never get really good in comparison to the present player base but I no longer think that's an issue. It will never be like the old days but that's not the point anymore. I feel like I'm ready to put together goals and find new things to improve and that's the best part there is in games. Surpassing oneself through sheer will and determination.
So yeah I'm back. Semi-back. Heck I don't know, I'll probably disappear for weeks at a time like before anyway. Or not. How do I predict these things. Being back is such a fleeting status...
As back as I'm ready to commit myself to excluding all expectations of anyone else.
^ which is a hyprocrisy considering I'm posting this on my own but oh well I had to answer this year-old question at some point.

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I'm going to ask a very serious question. This could be like, the hardest question in the entire freaking world, so I understand if you don't want to answer it. But I'll really appreciate if you could. Ok enough talking, let's do it. Em, it's better if I screen it.

There is pretty clear evidence out there from a wide spread of sources that anime is in fact a real thing. A tradition of animated cartoons derived from the Japanese entertainment industry with close ties to the comic industry, namely manga.
Is whatever happening inside animes real? Not from an empirical point of view, no, though it can reflect upon reality to a certain degree.
Not sure how this is supposed to be a hard question :|

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youe total opinion about cheaters/hackers?

Joe Castle (DYFMB)
^ this is what I used to think about cheaters in osu! back when I gave a damn.
Today it's not so much about cheating as how I dislike dishonesty around it. It's those moments when I saw former friends of mine openly lie about their achievements that I lost all faith in them and had to cut all ties. I suppose it's all because honesty is deeply ingrained in my integrity as a human being and any greater violation feels pretty much like a betrayal of trust.
Protip around me: Don't be a pretentious twat or I'll automatically dislike you, and I'll just keep disliking you for as long as I remember who you are. Harumph!

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Hi! I'm trying to make the switch from tablet > mouseonly for some dumb reason and I'd like to know what some good mice for playing mouseonly are. Do you know any? (i know you're not playing anymore and semiactive on askfm but well.. worth a shot)

Mouse only is only realistic with a low DPI palm grip style so you'll need a mouse that fits your hand well, has responsive and light buttons and features an optical sensor that doesn't have any hardware acceleration. In case you don't know what a palm grip means, it's basically all about using your arm and wrist for movement contrary to fingers. Any palm grip user is able to move the index, middle and ring finger freely even while steering, so it won't affect the cursor the same way a claw/fingertip grip would as you click..
Sadly I've lost track of the market by now so I can't tell you about a mouse that fits the description and won't ruin your economy. If you're willing to splash your cash, however, try something from the mionix series (I broke 2 mionix 5000s but hey no mouse in the world is designed to withstand the way I used those). If you ship all the way from Japanese amazon, you could get your hands on an intellimouse explorer 3.0 or at least I could in 2013. Still use it. If you're looking for an alternative, compare anything you find and its shape to an intellimouse. Good luck out there.

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