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How can someone say, they are interested pero inconsistent??

They're just not interested enough to invest most of their time reaching out to you.

What are you tired of hearing?

Asking me to leave the house and if I'm okay. Basically everything that comes out from anyone's mouth at this point.

If I tell you that I like you right now, what would you do?

Nothing. You're the one who likes someone, not me.

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Paano mo nadiscover 'tong app?

itsmemikasaaa’s Profile PhotoMikay
This app used to serve as another platform wherein fanbase accounts let other stan twt ask them questions about certain topics (like updates and translations) regarding their k-idols. It was fun. That was way back 2013-ish I think.

yes or no: macaroni salad w raisins

Definitely a no, that’s like top 2 of the things that I hate in life.

Hi, just wanna know other's thoughts on this one. You'll have a celebration with fam, you invited your best friend. Then, your best friend wants to tag along some of her friends that you don't even know. Will it be fine with you? Given that you are an introvert person.

junrevlue’s Profile Photojunrevlue
I’m an introvert and my bestfriend knows it too. She has always been very understanding about it and she always ask me if I’ll be okay if some other people are coming along and if I feel uncomfortable about it, she’s willing to do something about it or set a separate day with me (and the people I’m comfortable with) and with her other set of friends. In your case though, it is ✨ your birthday ✨ so it’s only right for you to call your bestfriend out that you don’t feel comfortable having someone else around especially when it’s a day meant to spend with family and your close friends only. I’m sure she’ll understand once you open it up to her. Don’t hesitate to do so, it’s your right to choose who can come to your party and who can’t.
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to who do you dedicate your efforts?

I am in no position to be claiming about making any efforts as of the moment but I’d like to say that I am dedicating my entire life to my little sister. And my dweeb brother.

Im planning to buy a converse, can you help me to choose the color? Pleaseee © Mustard © Red Bean Paste © Maroon

It’s my dream to own a mustard tbh but I know I will never pull it off so I don’t think I’ll ever buy one.
Next best would be maroon though. I’d go for maroon if I were you anon. 👀


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