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Bitter thoughts ....


She’s an ancient artifact; dusty dark and sored of scars,
holding droplets of saline thoughts— from when tied the wedding knot,
weary and worried, until old; in the process of grooming his kids,
in the process of learning his greed— in the process of gifting his ease;
she sacrifices her will, forgoes her wishes and forgets,
her favorite dishes— she loses her name;
changes it anew, dependent on father’s name,
then dependent on the grooms’;
for in all her life, and all along her breath she’s been told—
that one day a new man will rule, as
she—his kingdom and he— her king;
grown to gain pride alone, every path she takes
to frame her story right; though her shadow’s darkened
by hurdles; she fights— her life— to be: the right daughter,
to be the sweetest sister, to be a promising friend;
and to be the most caring mother—baring her burdens with pleasure,
and yet beneath all the truth that she faces;
at a place far away from the screeching vessels— she lays
in her paradise; alongside silence— her lullaby
—where none dares to oppose her reign
or ruin her rules; she smiles in guise, where
her sniggers turn to be laughs— and she stops:
stealing days from her calendar, and stops lying the likings
of choices— she never chose; stops taking chances
that she never dared— mimicked;
she remains a traditional scar to the prideful generation,
in a bizarre relation— the bride;
she— the bride.


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Why so perfect displays? 😌🌼👑

Sana Tahir

Thank God... At least the STAIF questions did not forget me...! *-*😌

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Likers Get Food Tbh? 🍕 - Wow, You're Perfect! 🍟 - Damn! You're hot! 🍭 - Such A Cuttay! 🍬 - You're a total sweetheart 🍦- You're hilarious. 🍫 - I Love You 🍣 - You're so annoying, stay away! 🍺- We should chill someday 🍩 - I can trust you 🍖 - I miss you so much! 🍰 - You're a close friend.


Let the heart bleed!.

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Just being loyal😋

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What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you?

BRHMs -_-

Everybody has a chapter in their life that they do n't read out loud. Fuck Christ! my book is full of such chapters! 😆😆

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Which words or phrases do you most overuse?


The phone rang and
the daughter picked it up;
the telephone spoke—
“coming home”.
The sun fell down
—sky dark and
the stars bright;
the light
from the crescent,
fell on him
—cutting across his face,
it landed on his lips;
such a beautiful night!
And when the street lamp,
pierced into his eyes,
the wheels screeched
and the tires hauled,
his car was in two—
astride over the divider;
blood gushed out of his veins,
the bottle rolled— out
and off his window pane—
onto the lane,
as the phone; rang again.

--Known Stranger<3

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What do you do when other people don't like you?


Get lost and get inside my world.!

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Describe your day in emojis!


This picture says it all😂

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That moment when you realize? #nohates #staif

SēêRåt TâYyàßä

I'm as good as the summer sun in the winter cold, and yet, what matters is that I don't fulfill their expectations of the spring. what you like is for yourself, what you hate is for yourself, and what you wanna do is for yourself too, but then, what you actually do- must be dependent on the society and on that of those views of who claim to love you. I don't understand the login in here. You live then you die; you pass on with your life, yet, what matters is 'others'. #crazy_world_full_of_shit_and_shit_alone 😶!

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Likers get kiss/hug/date/hate/slap/kik/insta/whatsapp/facebook/snapchat/coffee/talk somewhere (app name)/OW/we should/exchange numbers. Please Do for all & as many as you can✔

Lets do this...

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What do u want to do in 2017 ?

Eva Wiliams

| Get my book published | And make new good friends?.| I'm on snappy add me people - knownstranger03 |

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If someone made a movie about your life, what genre would it be?


Fiction ofc!

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Favorite quote...!😃

Nothing works unless you do - Maya Angelou

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Describe a perfect night out!

A night escaped out of all the evil cries and rusted drops of blood,
A night where humanity shines and writes a new history into mankind,
A night when "freedom" is no longer just a word used by poets and dictionaries,
A night where my sister could walk the street all by herself with no regrets,
A night when we brother sit home and know they're safe no matter how dark it gets,
A night where every women proudly says men are no more animals,and
A night where every man accepts women to be equal in every endeavor,
A night where she breaths her smiles rather sighing her distress.! *-*!
Damn... preparing for my speech and I think this will do?. :O

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Happiness is ... ? ✌

Shaheryar ღ ツ

At night; long after the sun goes down,
when the world's tired and gets done,
his mobile's screen get's back on,
and the tear drops swirls once again,
and the words get caught in his mind,
throat chocking with a wild cry undried,
he answers only to say the good news "I'm a dad"
and that his daughter weighs 7.5 pounds,
then his tears weep and yowl for his passed away wife.!
Few tears are really worthwhile.! And am surprised that I knew not this until today. *-*!

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Likers get? plz 1. bhai 👳 2. bae 😘 3. cute 😊 4. beautiful 😍 5. hot 💕 6. idk 😶 7. trustworthy 👍 8. seems to be nice 😃 9. pretty af 😊😊 10. smart 😎 11. good looks 💃 12. brainy 😉 13. want to know you 😋

Usman Awan

Uhm it's been really long, so yea, I'll do it, stab the heart.!

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I'd Marry Her <3

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Write A Sad Story. USING Only 3 Words..


She cannot...conceive!..

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Share your best thoughts😺

Muhammad Huzaifa Butt

You're a burn turned to mark,
You're a note written in the dark,
You're a pain grumbled in silence,
You're a fight won with no audience,
You're a sad song sung every night,
You're a pen forced to write.
.You're the wine on new year's night,
You're the foot walking the right,
You're the lamp left to put out,
you're the blaze let to wet,
Yet, you're the fire flaming loud,
and you're the greatest of all the laud.
You still are the exceptional you were,
You're the peerless you always were,
You're the hidden impetus in growth,
You're the girl who knows not her worth!
never weigh yourself less, you're never the loss, you're never the hiss, you're a voice with a million echoes, you're the perfect yield to the correct eyes when comes time!. For you, are special! #stay_blessed #stay_smiling Dedicated to alone.! 😊

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And then he forgot it all, he forgot my warmth...
We used to roll together on our beds,
hear our songs through the same ear-buds,
We used to know each other the best,
breath for hours in whispering thirst,
And then he forgot it all, he forgot my warmth...
We used to be scared of the demons in dark together,
as he hugs and crumples me; suffocatingly stronger,
We were never seen adorable to the world's eyes,
yet everyday, he'd wake not, until I smiled to the sunrise,
And then he forgot it all, he forgot my warmth...
We shushed our laughter into silent smiles together,
pretending to be sleeping; all night we natter,
We built many sham dreams together,
presuming and purporting our act in wonder,
And one day all of a sudden,
I was packed and thrown off board,
No more secrets of him in silence i behold,
like left alone inside a dark wardrobe,
Now he wants me back into his life,
just to use and throw me back again,
Now he wraps me all over his physique,
just so that i keep him safe from the cold night.!
Just because of the snowy winter's call,
The long night's freezing voice reminds him of my heat,
And that, I'm his favorite blanket since nine,
And that, I'm the one to help him from dying,
But one day the winter will pass of again,
And then he'll forget it all, he'll forget my warmth...
Once again; leaving me to dark.!

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Which song best represents your life so far?


Actually there's nothing, but then i wrote one for my own long ago.
My windows are open for the rain tonight.
To take away few free verses of pain left inside me, unvoiced ,
Am writing my last song to the first chapter, that ever mattered my life.
running towards stability, running to find an escape,
and for tomorrow i may die, the yesterday i write.
as for now you shackled my existence,
to the air i breath and the melodies i make.
like the starlit azure am just stitching the pieces
of my shattered heart together here today.
---Singing to my insipid soul---
when i was drowned deep down into the dark details of my life,
Glinted a light from your sight that sketched every facet of mine,
You spluttered fluency, and stammered your pristine glances over me.
Every memory i remember, is now full of trying to get over,
Failure`s never my guest but own,
thus now an epistle to you i write.
Hey love,
If you feel the warmth within the winter zephyr,
i come with a breeze of believe,
crossing over the rivers of relief,
from the grave beds of my grief,
I`m no normal guy,
I probably am a glimpse of glittering glory now,
Cuz` after i began peeling i fell asunder but stood staunch.
---Singing to my insipid soul---
when i was drowned deep down into the dark details of my life,
Glinted a light from your sight that sketched every facet of mine,
You spluttered fluency, and stammered your pristine glances over me.
Am back here again so let my soul combine,
or leave me shattered here on the ground,
but before you go let me function better, just as before,
and place shroud of mirthful haze on my mettle,
and wave me a good bye baby...!
---Singing to my insipid soul---
when i was drowned deep down into the dark details of my life,
Glinted a light from your sight that sketched every facet of mine,
You spluttered fluency, and stammered your pristine glances over me.
I felt the cure in you, no long you left me temporarily healed, and forever broken,
Am forever forlorn inking my thoughts on this crumpled bits of paper left.
---Singing to my insipid soul---
when i was drowned deep down into the dark details of my life,
Glinted a light from your sight that sketched every facet of mine,
You spluttered fluency, and stammered your pristine glances over me
. i know it sucks, you say it, and ill kill you!
And... Ahh unfortunately i never got to sing it, because my voice sucks and so i remain useless and stuff.! Alright, now i can't help it, so just fuck it! ugh sorry, am just in a shitty dumb ass bad mood right now and this sucks. actually fucks. umm if you know what i mean!.

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Happy bro? Just got bro zoned!😩 Forever single i'd stay😄😄

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Need some positivity. I am lost 😩

Likers get bg rate plz 🙈🙈🙈

Sure! go ahead.. *-*

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Thoughts On Class Toppers ? 📚📝


Am one of them..! :/

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