Ask @krusha_22:

You are such a sweetheart☺️ If i would be your bf👑 I would call u every now & then,i would just hug you everytime i meet you in a day Everytime we fyt...i would come & just apologize you with 🍫 I would love you soo much & would stay so genuine cz if a guy gets a girl like you...his life is sorted❤

That's cute but....
I'm not your girlfriend, I don't love the way you lie🌝😌

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The guy in your bg is your bf? Lol he looks like chowkidar and that too nepali one. Nice choice fuck you are crazy, he even look alike momos waala

You had the time to think about so many shitty examples but still didn't take out time to man up and actually tell this on my face so basically the joke is on you cunt. suck a dick and cry about your boring life, I'm gonna love my guy forever and he is the best❤❤❤❤❤❤And just by the way your girlfriend too calls him boyfriend goals☺❤

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Ajeenkya ❤❤
you're the most sweetest person I came across in the past few days and you've become really close to me 👀
Bike rides are always fun with you💕 (but im still not forgiving you for the nail)
Meet me daily 💪and get mayank also😂
you should start finding yourself a cute girlfriend 😂❤
Haha love you🐺

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