Ask @ktay_22:

Explain depression.

Okay, you feel like everything is your fault. That no one is going to ever love you. You feel like no body cares and never will. That you won't learn what love is. Anything that makes you happy you push away. You are scared to be happy because you were once happy and now you're not. It's a mental thing. Your mood becomes low. By low I mean; sad, quiet, you're bored, you feel like everything is your fault, you feel lonely, you lose interest in everything. You can't seem to concentrate on anything but the negative stuff. What's happened to you, what you look like, your weight, your body, anything that makes you uncomfortable. You may feel annoyed, you may cry a lot, or even self-harm. You barely sleep, or you sleep all the time. You don't eat a lot, or you eat a lot. There's different types. You can't do anything. You are anti-social. You feel like you're always behind everyone. Wether you're walking down the road or in a conversation. You can't let go of anything bad. You like pain. You feel like everyone hurts you. That you won't ever find happiness. You don't believe people when they give you any sort of compliments on anything; hair, face, body. You gain or lose weight. You think you're fat either way. You don't want to live. You may be scared to open up to anyone and then they would leave. You're scared of loving anything because you don't wan to hurt them. You're afraid of anything good. It's like living in a hell. And you can't get out, but the funny part is.. You never want too..

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