Ask @kuayyo:

what does it mean when my crush talks to me about sex? we didn’t talk about doing it together, just if we wanted to have it in general and what we’ve done. usually our conversations are much less personal and i don’t even know if he likes me or not, but maybe he’s starting to get more comfortable?

i would avoid that subject if you arent very close yet. start with more normal topics, if you feel comfortable maybe you can talk about it then

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You know what's f'd up. People really be getting born with good vocal chords and don't have to work for that, then they become famous and rich. But the people who weren't "blessed" be working their a*ses off and still be in debt. I guess not everyone has the same opportunity at birth

Sure, that’s true. But I think with enough hard work you can make it to wherever you wanna be. It’ll surely have a lot more obstacles than necessary but you can make it.

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