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So is alex your boyfriend. You recently been posting a lot of text messages between each other on your Instagram I was just curious if he was your boyfriend or not?

He might be. He might not. ?

How long have you knew this guy for him to already be over 9000. The way you talk to about him. It would seem like he's already Super Saiyan 3 about to reach Super Saiyan 4.

He’s super Saiyan God actually

So when are you ever going to do that fan meet competition. I'm ready to win it and meet you face-to-face maybe take you out for some sushi and champagne and whatever happens happens you feel me

What competition?? Where is this info coming from?? People make up the silliest things

Why don't you want to meet your king. I have a Amazon King myself and I've actually met him and we had a fun time. Just think about all the fun things you two would do. Me and my king had a blast we ate lunch when shopping it was awesome. He even flew me out to Arizona so we could hang out.

Honey we plan on hanging out at a con soon along with my other top supporters lol

With you no longer wanting to do camsoda soon what will happen to all your supporters like Jay will they continue to support you outside of camsoda or is that it. If you think about it that's kind of like having a kid putting him through football wasting money and he doesn't want do football no more

Where is this info coming from? I’m still proudly on Camsoda I’m not going anywhere lol

Out of all the anime shows which anime would you say that you are from? Which anime would you say you say jay your king is from and Which anime would you say your favorite cam girls are from?

I would be from Yurusei Watsura, Molly would be from Soul Eater, Hentai Cheeks would be from Hellsing, Vera would be from Maison Ikkoku, Baby Blaze would be from Fairy Tale, Bunni would be from Soul Eater as well

So I new this camgirl who would give out her phone number to hwr supporters and some of her fan and did like a sexy phone talk thing. Would you ever want to do that?

Lots of people jump off the Golden Bridge, would you want to do that because other people do it? (I’m a cunt)

You said the requirements where to be at Jay's level I know that was kind of a joke I don't know if you were serious but exactly what level is he on?

He’s over 9000

You and jay might have survived the first wave of harassments. But the storm is on its way it's just over the horizon right now. she will break you and him. to the point where you two are nothing left and begging to apologize to her. Ignore my warning and I shall rain the fires of Hell upon you both

Oh shut just the fuck up already and go on with for life.

Hey you are so beautiful we should hang out I am also in Florida. Where do you live I'll come pick you up and we can go anywhere you want. What do you say you down for some fun?

Let me think about that...no

I heard you said you were struggling with Math if you have no one to teach you I'll be glad to teach you. If you want I'll give you my Skype information and we can do it over Skype anytime you want you feel me

I got YouTube lol

So I know you said you were excited about that con Meetup idea and I hope it really happens for you but my question is if you two went what anime would you tag team as?

Black Star and Death the Kid when they met Excalibur


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