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what settings do you use to take the best outdoor pictures

Depends on the lens, time of day or if it's sunny/cloudy... But generally speaking if I am using a 200mm and holding the camera, then I will use Shutter Priority to keep the shutter at 1/250th to keep the blur down. Let the camera take care of the rest.

Completely different if I am using a tripod or need a long exposure, so there's a lot of right answers to the question.

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What is on your favorite graphic tee?


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What’s the last sport event you watched?


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How old is her new horse below?

How many hands is the new horse

16.3 right now

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Post a pic of the new horse?

Karys new hunt seater in that class from the answer 2 below.

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Did you get any pics of palominos?

I will be going through my files and will post my best shots, but I am not sure yet.

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How did your daughter do at dixie

She got a 2nd of 26 in hus and it was the 3rd time showing the new horse, so not too bad.

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Is your daughter showing there

Yeah, hunt seat on Sunday.

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Will you be at Dixie

Will be there tomorrow night late - Sun

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What lenses do you recommend?

Depends on what you use them for but... I highly recommend a 24-70mm and 70-200mm 2.8 for most situations

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What's one of your favorite instagram accounts? Photography accounts that it

I have a lot that I like but.. Definitely @equestrian_reining

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What camera do you use?

a D800... I answer it in more detail on my blog -

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Post a pic of a halter horse you took pic at some shows

On Instagram?

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I love your pictures so much! You're such an inspiration to me!!

Thank you, I appreciate that.

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What's the one thing you always do when taking pictures?

Shoot it. I don't ever pass up a shot regardless of whether it seems right or not. I can delete it later but some of my best shots were shots that at the moment I thought, that shot sucks.

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What's the most important thing to a good picture?

Light, without good light you can't take a good picture.

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Yes my trainers have discussed it with them. She has sent them information on multiple horses that I might would've been interested in.

It sounds like maybe they're not comfortable with buying one yet. Keep showing them you're ready and maybe they'll come around soon,

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Any advice on how to get my parents to buy me a horse? I've been riding for a long time and my trainer knows I'm ready but my parents aren't convinced

That's tough... Have your trainers talked to them about being ready?

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Thanks for the advice! I'm getting paid this summer to be a counselor at camps at the ban and I feel ill have drama for that but I really want my own horse (I'm getting paid) and so I'm doing all I can to be able to pay for it myself

No problem, just keep working towards what you want and ignore the hate.

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I started riding again last summer. I went to the barn everyday. I showed this past season and I won every class but 2 (I got second) (I was in over 30 classes) and everybody that shows with me thinks I'm a show brat and get whatever I want. I don't own the horse and I work for lessons(PT 1)

See part 2

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Do you have any advice for the hate? Idk how to tell them I'm not a rich snotty brat (PT 2 last one)

To be honest, you can't please everyone and there will always be jealousy to deal with if you're successful. If they won't listen, then you can't do much... You only have to worry about pleasing yourself, and you already know why you were successful.

Just keep doing what you do to be your best.

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What's your best advice for young riders wanting to move up in the show world?

Pay attention to those who win, they win for a reason.. and practice... A lot.

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What your favorite color horse?


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