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Yeah, it is pretty goofy, but it's definitely enjoyable. The CGI is fucking ATROCIOUS, though. Like seriously, it's worse than Sidonia no Kishi. Stupidest thing you could do is have a cute idol transform into a dumbfuck CGI furry when they start performing.

yeah i don't really enjoy cgi much, which is why going from idolm@ster to love live was a bit awkward. i'd much prefer it if there wasn't cgi at all in idol anime, unless it's good enough that you can't tell, but it almost never is.

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My problem with episode 13 of im@s is that the cut songs were too short. Like as soon as one you really like starts and you turn up the amp and start [sp]singing along[/sp], it's basically finished. Wouldn't you prefer a few less songs but longer versions?

while it is a bit annoying to have your favorite songs cut (dammit, kiramekirari should've been a full song), i personally enjoy hearing the melody of various songs, regardless of how short or long they are. so in the time it took to play ramune iro seishun in the movie, i could've heard a melody from a few other songs. like, maybe some million live songs!

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More like "here's hoping the last few episodes will have subs before fall" amirite? ;__; Are you watching any anime this season?

from what i can tell, the last few episodes will be batched and released after episode 13 gets timed and has a qc pass. so i'd give it a week or less. hopefully less. i'm actually behind on most everything, but i'm catching up on: houkago no pleiades, mikagura gakuen kumikyoku, ore monogatari, plastic memories, snafu, and etotama.

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Couldn't agree more about the im@s movie. What did you think of Cinderella Girls, though? And who's your favorite idol?

cinderella girls is decent. i'd much prefer million live over it, but what can ya do. the songs are, for the most part, cute, and the girls (well, some of them) are cute too. episode 10's ending, "let's go happy" by dekoration is insanely cute, as is episode 9's "happyx2 days" by candy island. and episode 13's "goin'!!" is another great one (probably the better of the series so far). here's hoping that we'll hear anzu's image song in fall!
if we're talking about cinderella girls, it would probably have to be futaba anzu. her motto of "you work, you lose" is too good.

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Did you like the im@s movie?

what disappointed me most was the lack of songs, and the cgi used in m@sterpiece. take episode 13 of the series, for example, which had 14 songs (11 cut off, 2 full, and 1 ed), and compare it to the 9 songs in the movie (5 cut off, 3 full, and 1 ed [though i guess the ed counts as a full song]). and this is going from a 30 minute block to a 2 hour movie. i would've just enjoyed it more if the concert was more of a big event with loads of songs leading up to the final piece (even if they were cut), rather than having the big song be the only one there. that aside, it was an okay movie. i don't know if i'd rewatch it as much as i do the series, though.
if you care, here are the songs from both the movie, and episode 13 (not too organized):
fate of the world (cut)
nemurihime (cut)
the idolm@ster (full)
shiny smile (cut)
ramune iro seishun (full)
go my way (cut)
music (cut)
m@sterpiece (full)
nijiiro miracle (full/ed)
episode 13:
the idolm@ster (cut)
otome yo taishi wo idake (cut)
kiramekirari (cut)
my best friend (cut)
omoide wo arigatou (cut)
watashi wa idol (cut)
next life (cut)
start→star (cut)
flower girl (cut)
day of the future (cut)
me ga au toki (cut)
marionette no kokoro (full)
jibun rest@rt (full)
i (cut/ed)

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