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Wdyt about "quarter life crisis"?

Oh kiddo, i passed that 5 years ago. And it's nothing compared to hitting 30. So I'm just gonna throw some advices at what to expect when you're hitting 30:
-Your body isn't 17 anymore.
-you can't wear tight jeans and high top sneekers.
-You have to manage to look stable, at least emotionally.
-There's are alotta baby picts from yours or your friends in social media.
-Buy alotta formal clothes, you'll attend alotta wedding parties.
At the mean time kids, have fun at your age right now. I hope you'll also sad when entering 30. Because it means you had a great, rebellious, wonderful, and super fun time at your teenager and 20's.

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hah?! aan akhirnya online? patut dirayakan secara mewah nih!

Yay lets celebrate!
But not this weekend. Because...
Dad called me on the phone the other day at my birthday.
Him: "Selamat ulang tahun dek."
Me: "ya pak, thanks. . . Anyway, minggu bisa terbang ke jogja?"
Him: "err bisa2 aja kayaknya. Emang mau ke jogja juga. Kenapa?"
Me: "aku kayaknya mau ngadain acara ulang tahun deh"
Him: "...dan bapak diundang? 30 tahun, dan akhirnya aku diundang ke acara ulang tahun anakku."
Me: "...dah ga usah sok drama. Ini cuma makan keluarga aja kok. Pastiin aja dapet tiket pesawat."
Him: "oke, aku ngecek traveloka dulu. Bye dek."
You know what's the saddest part of birthday?
Knowing your parents are also getting older.

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Mulai sekarang kita harus lebih berhati", baru saja aku meninggalkan rumah, tapi tiba" ketika sedang dalam perjalanan ada seseorang yang mengancam ku dengan mengeluarkan sebuah gunting, untung dengan sigap nya aku dapat mengambil sebuah batu, krn kalau sampai aku mengeluarkan kertas, dia akan menang

aku menghabiskan bbrp detik dalam hidupku membaca cerita ini dgn serius.
ini siapa ya? kita berantem pukul2an sampe sekarat aja yuk, km yang milih tempat deh.

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dok kayla ulang tahun ya? wih brarti udah setahun follow account askfm dokter. Dulu tiba2 nongol foto kayla waktu lahir di home. Trus kepoin dokter trus follow deh. Btw happy birthday Kayla 🎂🎂😀😀

Look who's turning one today...
My milk monster!
it feels like its just yesterday i heard you're crying for the first time.One year old eh, whoa...
If you're wondering what are your achievements this past year, atthis point you can say few words. Such as papa, mama, mimita (mami mita), mibeya (mami bela) and duit. Nope, i also don't know where did you learn the word duit from.
And you had your first step at 9 months old, and right now you can already run like a mini Tamiya, fast and straight. Usain Bolt wud be terrified. (i don't know when you will be reading this but he's currently the record holder of the fastest man in the world)
Oh and people apparently like you better than me and your mom. At least that what your Instagram account shows us, your follower number are way above us. Tsk.
I understand this past year your mom sometimes can be a little hard on you. We cant blame her, she's the one who has spent most of the time with you, hearing you scream, cry, change your diaper regulary, gives you bath, and everything. And she's a dentist, its what happens if 97% of the world population hate and fear your profession (the other 3% are the dentists them self). But i guessits just her ways to raise, teach, and educate you. Its for your own good, dear.
Now you're probably wondering where i was this past year. We rarely meet each other, in fact i mostly see you growing up behind my phone screen, just like now I'm typing this in an operating room. So by this open letter, i wanna say how sorry I am for not being by your side most of the time. Trust me, you're one of the main reasons to what I'm fighting for right now.
You're only one year old, but i had the most of smiles in my life this past year.
Happy birthday, Kayla Andara.
Love, dad.

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dok kayla ulang tahun ya wih brarti udah setahun follow account askfm dokter

menurut kakak, orang tua yang baik itu adalah orang tua yang seperti apa?

i really dont know what is the answer to your question. all i know parenting is a forever learning process and we are always trying to be the best for her.
you see, I was already trying to be a great parent even when she hasn't been born. oke let me ask you this. . .
guys, do you realize you're also trying to find the best mother for your kids when you're doing PDKT before getting a relationship? (if you want kids)
when you find a girl you think that's perfect for you, do you ever think that she can also be a perfect mother to your kids?
your criterias can be different to one another, but i found mine in @FindyaDarmoen before i ask her to marry me.
and now, sometimes i just stop and think how lucky Kayla to have a mother like her.
though in this picture you can see the fear in Kayla's eyes as she understands that there is nothing in this world that could help her when her mom's index finger is pointing. nothing i tell you, nothing. :'(

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menurut kakak orang tua yang baik itu adalah orang tua yang seperti apa