Ask @kybear12341:

If you had to change your first name, what name would you choose?

Marissa(dont know why)

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Which celebrity you would follow on

ethan dolan

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What do you do when the remote is too far?

i ask my sister to get it

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Which town did you grow up in?


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What's one thing you think everyone should do every day?

wake up

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If you could leave tomorrow with a one-way ticket, where would you go?


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What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?

nothing because i am not aloud to hold anything valuable in my hands or i will brake it

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Post a picture of somebody or something you find inspiring!

What was the last movie that made you think?

ummm i dont know

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How do you spend the majority of your free time?

on my laptop

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What was the smartest decision you have ever made?

being me

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What's on your summer reading list?


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This is Cameron jobs. I am in 6th grade and I think you're really pretty and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend? 😊❤️

ya no in your dreams

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Merry christmas everyonee

kylie calder

Like or dislike Ava aymie


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Aisle, middle, or window seat?

window seat

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Because I want to know if ava follows you on instagram, she blocked me

who is this and yes ava follows me on instagram

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how many ask questons do u have


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Does Ava aymie like you (be honest) she's the most popular kid in our school

idk why

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Who are you

better than u

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Do you curse out loud or in your head more?

in my headdd

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What's the last movie you watched?

Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 2

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