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By who?

Her name is Riki Denning! We met in my theater group a little over a year ago. She's on Facebook too :)

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I meant a random video response about anything... It's a surprise of what I'm using it for. ;) MAKE IT AS RANDOM AS POSSIBLE!!!! or you can be lame about it and copy and paste a link from youtube...

Sorry for the late response. Is it too late?

What makes you feel like a boss?

EVERYTHING!! IM A BOSSS! LOL just kidding, I'm merely LIKE a boss! :D

i saw you on teens react can i have your autograph?????

Sure! I would need to know how to get it to you though!


I'll try my best to give this an intelligent response lol. But I'm too weird, so its cool. :)

ive seen you on teens react i laugh so fucking hard omg youre hilarious and sooo cute(;

Thanks! You're awesome! :D

What do you say during awkward silences?



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