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what are you doing this weekend?

Friday I'm going to club lavela
Saturday I have a long car ride home
And Sunday nothing

Yes I am I picked a random follower on my Instagram and my vine to ask.fm and you were the lucky one

That's cool

Okay a yes it is where do you live I'm ganna go get condoms then I'll will be there. Oh wait no in not getting condoms I want you to have my kids

Unless you're cameron dallas leave

The one about Jesus you didn't answer think girl be a good Christian

Don't tell me how to live my life plz and thanks

I know it's hard to change. trust me. but if u wanna change you can. like sucks and u always don't have support but everything turns out better in te end

Yeah I know . Tysm for the advise though .

I'm gonna start giving you random people and you gotta say if their cute or not is Brandon cute

I don't know .


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