What are your feelings re: bear culture? Good parts, bad parts? I guess I ask cause I was at a party where someone made the comment how cute it was for me (165 lbs not hairy) to be there trying to be a bear ( I was wearing leopard print so maybe I'm a yet not classified type)?

Short version: mainstream gay bear culture can screw off.
Long version: I appreciate bear culture insofar as they advocate being happy with your body, especially if you don't fit the mold of being a super thin/pretty/(usually white) gay porn model. I think that's awesome.
HOWEVER, bear culture often becomes just as body policing as mainstream gay culture is. They're into different bodies, but they still police it pretty hard. Never mind that bear culture subdivides into all these different types, and there's this expectation that [x] type and [y] type, never the twain shall meet, and all this other garbage that is just sad.
If you really want a good example of what's fucked up with bear culture, there's a documentary called "Bear Nation" (it used to be on Netflix, think it's down now) that has a segment where the publisher of a bear magazine starts an extended rant about "When did 'bear' and 'fat' become synonymous?!" and he's super pissed about it because he doesn't want to be associated with ~*fatties*~ and of course he appears on camera and is pretty fat so not only is he an asshole, he's a hypocrite too.
So like, long version: I think the idea of bear culture is cool, and I'm all for feeling good about your body, but a lot of the time, bears are just as body policing and label-obsessed as non-bears, which is really sad.

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