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your fav poet? plus any of his poetry lines

komal awan
Baba bulleh shah and Allama Iqabal📖
🌸 Assi nazuk dil de log han, sada dil na yar dukhaya kar.
Ns jhuty wady kita kar,na jhuti kasmaan khaya kar.
Tenu kinni wari mein akhaya ay, menu wal wal na azmaya kar.
Teri yaad de wich mein mar ja saan, menu aina yaad na aya kar.
🌸 Sitaaro se agay jahaan or bhi hain.
Abhi Ishq k emtehaan or bhi hain.

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what do you think about love ????

Its Abi Malik
-A feeling, that is beyond the understanding of an ordinary person.
-Love needs nothing to complete itself.
-A feeling that is everywhere. When you are in it, you see it in everything around you.
-A feeling that teaches you the reality of life, makes you strong and mature.
-When you are in it, you need nothing else in life.
- Without love, life has no meaning, whether it's the love for family, life partner,career or Allah🌸

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