Ask @lailasadozai:

What if Donald Trump becomes the next US president?

1.United States will be stronger than ever.
2.The winner of the miss USA pageant gets to be the next Chief Justice of the supreme court.
4.White house will become "The trump house"
5.Not only will the rich not pay taxes, they'll receive luxurious fruit baskets at the start of every month.
6.Donald trump will be the next person on the $10 bill. chapter in religious discrimination.

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This happened when i was in 10th most probably. so i was in math class and i was really thirsty. I pulled a water bottle out of my backpack and took a sip. I was taking too long of a sip, because the whole water bottle started to go into my mouth! i had a mouth full of water literally. And to make things worse, i was laughing! I couldn't swallow the water! And then, the girl that sat next to me yelled, "KITNI JESLOUSE HO TUM MUJH SE" and all of a sudden, i just exploded! water was everywhere😳😩everyone was laughing and all so hm yeah

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Hahaha...well i am not one of those random guys😉😜 i'll meet you definitely if you want,ask pe tau everyone can do this fake affection but i wont.Hope you are single tho😂😂😂 Warna sara time waste bcz i hv my cambridge exams in a month but more than willing to sacrifice them for your Hazel ayes😍

And how do you know if you're not one of those? you aren't unticking just like them, right? :P and they're not hazel, they're grey :P

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Haha...sure I'll keep on dreaming bcz my dreams get real👌👊 Vese you seem to be really nice,but why can't you be mine? And I be yours? I'll hold your purse for you,make you a chocolate pie,will give you warm hugs aur lykan hpersport bhi worth $3.5 million and i'll give you my heart and loyalty.loveu

Hahaha hold on there. And never untick okay?😂

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