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its cute that you can't keep a boy over a month.

I was with Logan for 10 months and Josh for 11.. those are both over a month.. its cute that you can say crap when you don't know the truth...

what's bothering you right now?

one of my closest friends is self harming and starving herself. she's only 14 and it breaks my heart.

are you over Josh?

meh. over him as in I'm done with his stupid games. there comes a point in life when you just have to move on and realize that if you're meant to be with someone, then it'll happen. he's happy, and I am too.

What do you love the smell of? 

my shampoo. my perfume. my dog. the smell after you blow out a candle. boys.

Which is your favorite song?

Not to be like sister christian, but "in christ alone" by owl city. his voice is perfect.

why do you wear so much make-up?

I really don't wear as much as i'd like to... but if you really want to know
when I was in middle school I had really bad acne. my cheeks are super scarred and I just personally like the way I look with make-up. without it I look fine, but I would just rather wear it.


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