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Ways to say hello OTHER than hello challenge BEGINNNNNN!!!!!! OOH OOH OOOOOOOHHHH Ooh hellooh (hell-ooh) helleurh (hell-eurr) Saluton (suh-loo-ton) (hello in Esperanto) What's up? (LaQué's hello) Hi or hi there (high) (origins to be found) What are other ways to say hello that you know/practice??

- Texas Nod ( A true classic, works best when wearing a brimmed hat)
- Goodbye ( Careful with this one, it only works on opposite day)
-Hewooa ( Strictly reserved for greeting cute animals)
- Sup mammas ( If your objective is to make your target projectile vomit, this is your best bet)

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If you had to live without one of your senses, which one would you give up? I would probably give up my sense of smell.

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
I'd probably choose the same.

we all love and obsess over each other and if that ain’t art tell me what is. it’s psychologically and scientifically proven that people who crush on each other do this kind of anonymous notes because we can’t let it be obvious and i’m fine by it


There's something here that is confusing me. If you see a question that reads I miss you. If the sender is anonymous? Who is the question for in first place?

herchocolatebar’s Profile Photoher-chocolatebar
Yeah I was confused about that too at first but i've come to the conclusion that unless its marked as a personal question its just people trolling. Or.. using ask like a diary.

Whenever I dream about that I'm born and raised in Pampa, Texas, would it be ok if my natural hair color and hair color in the dream is light brown?

MarkWright75762’s Profile PhotoMark Wright
No, it will alert the people in the dream dimension that you are not one of them. Then they won't invite you to their slumber parties.

If someone doesn’t accepted your friend request on social media the first time will you add them again?

I've done that once, wouldn't do it again. Double the embarrassment.
If someone doesnt accepted your friend request on social media the first time

I miss youuuu

Wow thats good news because I may or may not be in your closet. Also, I may or may not have been here for about a week. (P.s. you talk in your sleep sometimes).
I miss youuuu
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👙 What are you wearing right now?

A cheetah print robe a seaworld t-shirt grinch pajama pants and my dads socks.
What are you wearing right now


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