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i mean that's them if they wanna through away their childhood at the age of 15 or 14 . to me if they that fast to have sex and get preganet , they need to step up and be the mother that they chose to be . i'm glad i was taught better b|c i'm not ready for that big responsiblity . i'm enjoying my childhood b|c after i'm 18 , i'm an adult and i can't have my childhood again πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ™Œ.

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i swear i always get this specifc person every time i do this on facebook πŸ˜‚ , but we WERE best friends untill a situation occured with him and this girl . they was about to fight and he put me in the middle of it and tried playing innocent . like bitch no πŸ˜…. he started talking shit about me at the school fire drill and obvisouly it came back to me so i said straight up to him "i don't fwu . all that shit you was saying about me behind my back proves that you are a scary punk soo thats that " . lmao i'm not dealing with the fakeness this year πŸ˜‡.

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hi . tell me about your recent ex.

even though idk who this is imma say it anyway ..
well we just broke up December 28 and ion think that we will ever go back out . he has way too many females (hoes) he talk to. no wonder why females don't take him serious and his relationships be like 1 month . but me and him was dating since September 2015 . i knew he was talking to other females anyway but i gave that nigga chances but all he told me was lies to keep me near 😴. now he just flaunt around like we never dated telling his homeboys "fuck me" . he wasn't saying that when he never could've go a day without me. he be telling people i'm a ugly bitch and i be like i'm ugly but you loved this ugly bitch . lmao i swear he's a flexer. i didn't say nothing about his no name brand shoes . yeah them black and white ones he wear EVERYDAY b/c i didn't want my relationship with him to end badly. nor the holes in his khaki shorts . idk why he thinks its cool to talk to other females why dating one . it's not called "running game" it's called being a hoe . that hoe shit is played out . it's time for these boys to start acting like young , well trained men . i'm tired of getting played by niggas too. Soo thats the story of my ex & no i'm not gonna say his name b/c one of his dirty hoes probably gonna see this and start to have a heart attack and text me saying "stay away from my man" and imma be like "bitch your man's a hoe 😊." & imma have to beat a bitch ass ! lol i'm done here.

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