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What did you do for your birthday?

John came and got me for ny birthday, we went to the mall then went ice skating. Then, we went back to his house where we watched texas chainsaw massacre then his family gave me a cupcake with a candle. It was amazing (:
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What’s one mistake you keep repeating?

Lol, this. I always believe the bullshit and am oblivious to the real shit.
Whats one mistake you keep repeating

How has 2014 treated you so far?

Pretty fucking great so far. Doing things to help myself and the people around me, being happy and making those around me happy. I plan on keeping it this way.

Oh! I didn't even know. I'm sorry!

Oh its okay! haha, I just put it in my bio now that I've figured out how. Sorry man ^.^

what do you like the most about having small boobs?

Not having to wear a bra all the time, not always being judged off of if I just have nice boobs, and being able to play sports without having sacks of fat suffocating me while I run (:

How are you and John doing? :)

we are doing good (: though after this, im not answering anymore questions about him. Last time someone asked harmless questions about him it turned into shit. So yeah, we are doing good (:

Would you cheat on your boyfriend with a celebrity?

Nope. Though john and I have an agreement that if we ever meet emma stone, that will be one hell of a threesome haha.

What are you listening to right now?

Parkway Drive- Home is for the Heartless. And my history crap in the background. Ohwell

How much do you weigh?

Im not ashamed of being naturally skinny. I eat, I workout, I am healthy. I haven't weighed myself in months because weight is just a number to be criticized, I judge myself by how I feel about myself mentally and physically.
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Would you rather be a lonely genius, or a sociable idiot?

Lonely genius. Most of my favorite writers were, and you see the world on a different way.

How did that push you back together?

Anon was right. I was losing something so amazing. Im lucky to have another chance, and I won't let this one skip away.

So how are you guys now?

Well, this actually pushed us back together. So now the flirting, everything stops, im with John. We hung out today, and everything was great. We had a long ass talk, and figured everything out.

Do you like coffee?

If it's strong. though im a slow coffee drinker. Today I had one cup of coffee that I heated up three times that I poured 4 hours ago. Haha

What’s your motto?

I don't know it word for word quote how they said out, but "do what you want and say how you feel. Because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

What would you like to see written on your gravestone?

"she couldn't share that picture in 10 seconds with her tongue"

Dear anon: You've obviously gone to the extreme just to make two people completely miserable. You didn't help anything, all you did is break somebodies heart. I hope you feel awful and I hope you realize that this person you were trying to "help" feels completely humiliated because of you.

ALWalrus’s Profile PhotoAriel Walrus
Forreal. But were talking, and things can only go up from here. Thanks guys, john really needs support, and not in the sending your ex's text messages to them kind of way.

She's single? She can flirt with who she wants. If that guy wanted to settle down with her. He should DTR

Egracearney’s Profile PhotoGrace Chambers
THANKYOU! This anon hurt him, and in result is hurting me. If they think they've helped anything, they are so messed up in the head.
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No i was showing him the truth while you were lying and stabbing him in the back.

I flirted with a guy.. While I was single.. How is that lying and backstabbing?

You should probably talk to him.

I talked to him this morning. Congrats, I flirted with a guy while I was SINGLE. You crushed him, not me. If you have a problem with what I do, come to ME. Dont go hurting people because you feel obligated to do something about nothing. Happy new years, hmu sometime twat.
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What do you think is the greatest problem facing the teenagers of today?

Teenagers today don't realize how easy they actually have it now.

Do you miss him?

Sometimes. We still talk alot, and hangout occasionally. It's hard to miss someone thats not gone.


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