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oooooo I was first yo💁 good job😄 I was gonna put I'm short and blonde but that would be pretty obvious😂 I love you laura and u are truly supa beautiful😍

bri6813’s Profile PhotoBri♡
aweee Bri I love you! and nooooo itssss youuuu! 😭😭😭💖💖💖💖😄😄
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oh my gosh laura u didn't answer the other question so that last one doesn't make sense😂😆 guess

oh my god . I'm sorry?
and I don't know! 😭
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oh lordy! where do I even start with Carla? she's so great and we started talking because of tumblr 💁 she was the only who helped me change my embarrassing username 😂 and then we just suddenly started talking and grew so close together I honestly wouldn't know what to do without her 😭💕 and BTW she's so perfect and amazing ! 😘😉😊❤😍
(that's what you get for taking pictures on my phone!😂)
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Share something you're grateful for today.

I'm grateful for
my best friends
Andrea (obvi) 😂❤
my family
and Maria Fernanda 😭💕
Share something youre grateful for today
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