Ask @lauraaamarano: When you posted this 12 days ago was this about thomas? Did you guys break up? I just heard the Run remix I listened to the lyrics seems like you meant what you said? It just puts exemplifies the complexities of love in such a striking way

hahahaha yeah i dont want to get into it really but to answer your question yes we did. like i said sometimes things happen in our life and its nobody’s fault. just to make things clear nothing bad happened between us the timing just wasnt right. im still processing, reflecting and figuring things out though thats all that matters right now ❤️

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Hi, Laura! Hru? Your so incredible/amazing! Your truly one of a kind! Your such a beautiful blessing to the world and a true angel from above! Keep on shining like the beautiful diamond, you always are! God bless your beautiful heart and soul! Your friend, G. All the very best from me, Laura!!

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hiiiii im doing great! omggg you are so incredibly sweet😩😩😩 thank you so much ❤️❤️

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