Ask @lauranelll:

If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

*steps on soap box* this is mainly just for the USA though. the ignorance and excuses are baffling.
your weight is based on CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT. that's it. there's no special diet or magic shake to lose weight. if you're overweight, you must be consistently eating more than you're burning, much more depending on how fat you are. PCOS or hypothyroidism are not the culprits. you are. you could be eating 1200 calories of pizza every day and slowly, yes, even the shortest woman would lose weight. now you might have nutritional deficiencies and other health problems, but strictly speaking, you WOULD lose weight.
starvation mode does not exist. you can't produce fat out of nowhere when you're undereating. you don't even have to exercise. just stop. eating. so. much.
and stop overfeeding your dam kids.

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