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What would happen if you competed in the Olympics?

I'd probably trip and fall in the middle of my race/performance/game tbh

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Had a 1st kiss?

No :/

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I like my bf from time to time

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Tbh honey❤️ you my day 1. I love you and I miss you😢 we are hanging soon and I'm always here for you honey 🙂

Sam Madrid

Awh I love you and I miss you too honey 😭 Ditto, especially when these girls are playin games!! I'll see you soon 💓

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What is the remix info

Are you going to the remix on July 27th?


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Post an unseen photo of you

Baby girl you thick 😍

Not your baby girl, but thanks :-)

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If you can change one thing on your body what would it be?

I wouldn't change anything tbh

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How come you have the brace?

I fractured 6 vertebrae in a car accident

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Wait why did you have surgery

I didn't have surgery 👀

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Are you scared to be getting in the car with people anymore?

Nah, I did learn my lesson though

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Pap of your brace

(This is when I was in the hospital but close enough)

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That was pretty funny 😂👇

Cole ✔️

No comment 😂

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Your brace covers all the goods up and I'm so tired of this mistreatment.


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Do you have

I have an account on there but I don't have the app anymore

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So will Julie be your future designated driver?

Gabe I hate you 😂😂

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Talking to anyone?


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You're still a 10 even tho ur crippled and I'm mad about it 🖕🏼

Thank you 😂

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rate. 12 1/2🔥🔥

Dominique Marr

Awh Dom 💙💙

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Where is the one place in the world you wish you could revisit?

Cali 😍

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Are you actually barely breathing or were you joking?

I was joking but I bruised my lungs so I guess it kind of makes sense 😂

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Song quote that describes you

"I'm still alive but I'm barely breathin"

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