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Lauren Paige Johnson
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Bikini pic

no no thanks

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You're really pretty :)

thank you!!

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happy b-day


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your so beautiful i wonder why no one asked you to prom !? 😍

thanks! I did have a date but things got messed up last minute! so it's all good(:

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whats your username for your intagram?


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do u have an instagram? your so beautiful!😍

I do! thanks

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List your best friends

Jordan A.

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Who's your best friends

I have many

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Add me on snapchat? Dylan_isboss

Dylan Carter

lol idk you

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sorry I was in a plane

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Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

spontaneously cause when you plan things they never happen

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Volley ball pic :)

I don't have any

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hoe lol

stfu trenton

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I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me?

I feel like this is nathan haha

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don't you get tired of boys treating you like you're a piece of meat? i'm not judging you or anything, just curious because i was raised to treat a girl with respect and having the decency to ask them personal questions in person, not on some silly website.

awh haha. I mean yeah it's annoying being asked personal things but I feel like I'm asking for it by having an account. so the best i can do is just ignore it

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What college are you going?

just city college(:

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Pap of you in a thong


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so I can just do it

no fuck off

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who do I have to be ?

no one

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what do I have to do in order to hit that ?

ok no

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About Lauren Paige Johnson:

DP sand volleyball
instagram: _lojohnson

Santa Barbara