Ask @lavenderranger:

What kind of guy is you're type hot stuff? ;)

I have a variety. It depends. I can appericiate the hotness of let's say, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Worington but it's not type of guy I'd get with it. Attractiveness for me has not only has to do with physical attributes but also personality. But as for Rangers, I like Rhett Fisher, Hector David Jr, David Delatour, etc

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Hi I have H.W. from my collage teacher and he said choose 2 different articles and write different comments about both of them. So...I chose the mmpr reboot movie and I just went to rename it teenagers with attitude but I can't find any articles do you think you can supply me with two articles

Ricky Ganey
Go to and put Powee Rangers film and a bunch should pop out

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