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I love that you desire to get married and everything but sometimes that's literally all you tweet about, you should just let God do his thing ?

Awww. That's mostly because that's all the TL talks about. I'm actually quite tired of it tbh. But I'm definitely letting God do His thing ????

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Why is your little sister the bravest person you know

Because she's experienced a lot at a young age and she's still awesome as much as a pain in my backside ?

What are your aims in life

Honestly, to do everything that God created me to do. To travel places, experience new things... And enjoy life

What's one thing most people don't know about you?

I actually can't think of anything. I'm quite transparent ??

What are the morals taught in Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2 ?

That we are special and unique just the way we are, and that it doesn't matter where we came from, it's all about where we're going

Why do u think men cheat more than women

I don't know you know, I think there's a lot of factors as to why they cheat. Not that I agree

U really don't c it's not something I would say to u straight

I'm guessing we're not friends then if you don't feel comfortable telling me this to my face or messaging me from your number ?

And say what Omique u flirt a lot not just with me with other guys aswell cut it out...nah that's awkward

You should just message me, since you have my number

Regarding all the men u have been intimate with have u thought that u wld marry them

Who do you think you are to ask me this looooooooool

Lol Yh u have and I no u don't like me like that so it was a bit weird

So if you've actually met me, why don't you just tell me. You must have my number or something ?

U get up in their space like so close they can smell ur breath...not that it smells bad or anything

??????????? have I done this to you or?

It's ok also be aware of personal space, u get really into what your saying then get reaaalllyyyy close to people

What does that mean?


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