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Were you able to do everything you wanted to do this year?

You never kinda reach your resolution goals so yeah missed out a few.

Ever happened? That you're not okay, but you have to just play along. Get up in the morning, get dressed, go to Uni/work, nod, reply, eat, smile, sleep sm for escape, everything. Actually pretend yk. But on top of your head it's always like yk you're not okay.

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That's the summary of Adult life, welcome

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Anyone here to talk? Don't want to drown in Stromy sea of depression with I am seeing from distance. Overthinking sucks. Feeling panic attack or anxiety don't know

Take deep breaths. Think about a certain memory you love or pull out the pictures from your last friends hangout, that'll help put a nice thought in your head. Otherwise you can share whatever is on your mind.

If someone says that they are following you for a long time and they admire you alot. And they wanna make things a bit official with you. Would you wish them to untick and talk question to question?

I really don't see anything admirable on my wall..But yeah i guess i'd like to hear back from someone with the same mindset.

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They invented something that dates back to the past and accelerates the future. Which one do you choose to revert to neither the past nor the future?"

Question itself is quite ambiguous but if we look at it simply, i will pick the future because i am done with past.


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