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are u sad single?

No I'm sad bc I've been trying to get my baby momma to see how much effort I've really put into tryin to make it to the next level of being apart and she still acts like I'm not the father of our child🤷🏻‍♂️🏼 I had dna test and I had it legally recognized by the state and when the family court judge finally reviewed it she's hit like donkey shit

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Do you believe in till death do us part Love or there’s no such thing as forever love & every love is shallow?

I think love is so different for each generation that 9 outta 10 times we end up pouring all our hearts into something half the world hasn't even invested in and then when we don't have anything else to pour into saving what feelings are there its too late

I wish you knew I constantly think about you. and make scenarios in my mind of you and me.

I wish you would tell me who you are

We use to be close. Why so far now?

If it was who I thought at first it was bc I fell down and when I reached out to grab your hand you were already gone so why didn't you stay and help me

I told you what was going to happen.... why didn't you listen to me?

I was tryin I know it wasn't an over night process but damn

I surely have learned a lot from all this... these last two years have taught me a lot

Huh 2 years

Is it normal to miss people even though they were toxic?

Yes they had a piece of you, a piece the rest of the world never got

The world suddenly fell into chaos due to an alien invasion. The person currently next to you is now your fighting partner. Who is it?

My dog Creed

Is it smart to put someone elses happiness before yours

No but it isn't wise to focus on only your own either

Are you living the life you want to live or you want something better

Honestly no I'm not I want so bad to finally hold my daughter and I've been working my fingers to the bone to be where I am now and it feels like it's been for nothing what about you


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