Ask @lccm76l:

Are grammar and punctuation important in social media?

I don't think grammar and punctuation are important in any circumstance outside of a classroom setting. As long as you're understood, (and grammar and punctuation are just paint-by-numbers type tools to aid with understanding) I don't believe they're necessary.
In fact, I think it can be quite beautiful and quite necessary to toss grammar and punctuation into the hog pen. First, you have to establish your mastery of these rules before you break them, just so people don't accuse you of being ignorant of them. Picasso, in his early career, painted humans that actually looked like humans, so people knew he had such capabilities when he transcended into cubist hallucinogenic masterworks which intentionally defied the traditional arrangement of the human form. They knew then that the defiance was intentional. The same applies to writers who want to discard syntax and simple rules. It's a fantastic. deliciously post-modern and meaningful stylistic choice that can make a reader really work for their money... which can only be a good thing in my humble, avantgarde little mind.
I'm partial to List of the Lost. If time won't make it a cult classic, I'm going to have to take charge.
Biased? C'est moi?
ANYWAY (no comma) grammar and punctuation is (not "are") not important in social media (no period)
*It's so awful, having to explain your tedious "joke" in tedious interjecting parentheses... It must be nice being funny.

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How did you get over the death of a loved one?

I've tried my best not to. I let them haunt me. I will to the fore my own lamentations... because the only way for me to get over the loss would be for me to forget the loss. They don't deserve to be forgotten.
That being said, have a hellish afternoon.

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So, I had two tell my friends and ppl I didn’t even know I liked a boy just to hide my homosexuality. That was two years ago, btw. Am I stupid?

Yes, you are. Two is a number.
What do I know about sexuality, really? That doesn't seem like such an outrageous thing to do, though. You were just creating an alibi. It makes sense.
To compensate, I advise you to be quite proud and exhibitionistic about it now.
-Dr. Luv

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What is something that has changed you so much ?

The first time I really listened to the lyrics of This Charming Man. I was 12 and I started bawling (in public)because I thought they were absolutely perfect. My passionate affair with the Smiths (and later on Moz solo) completely changed my outlook and my values... or maybe it just helped me realize them.
I watched a movie this morning called "Letter From an Unknown Woman". It infuriated me, but never mind. There was a wonderfully relevant quote in it. I'm paraphrasing: I believe that people have two births. The first is their entering into the world. The second is the birth of the conscious mind.
Morrissey birthed my conscious mind. Mmmm... smother me mother, indeed.

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