Ask @leahevans37:

@liampullin1 is the most manly person on because he actually gets tattoos unlike everyone was else who just says they are because theyre all chickens and are age 13-15 saying how they are going to be covered in tattoos and piercings. period liam pulllin >>>>.

But I say I want tattoos and the only reason I don't have them is because I have no money and I'm not old enough to get it done properly.. Doesn't rly make him manly just because he has some ink on his skin

View more he clearly wouldn't punch his girlfriend if she stepped out of line, I mean look at him... zombie punk... would be lucky to even get a girlfriend pmsl . remember when me (clayton) and ryan pulling made his ass suicidal ;$ :L p.s clay clay out!

If this was Clayton why would he be on anon?
Sick of these shitty fucking questions, I do not give a flying fuck

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