Ask @leahshannon:

Heyyy! Can you please recommend a few shopping sites to shop for suitable and affordable prom dresses? :') Thanks and I love your style o m g <3

hey babe, omg haven't shopped for anything prom related in ages but asos is always a good first choice if you ask me. you can always try forever21 online as well they might have some nice things. other brands I usually go to are motel and nastygal. Not sure what exactly is your budget but asos has some pretty affordable deals!!!!! no worries and thank you it means a lot <3

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i don't know what should i do. i am interested in something related to fashion. i have no fashion related experience. i am not sure where can i start from. I'm look for a full time job, anything relating to fashion. Any suggestions?

hey i'm so sorry am not good at giving advice about jobs but i'd suggest try interning first at magazines to see if you enjoy the experience.

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Hey! Do you think alright to pair this with a sleeveless denim jacket, a gold necklace and a pair of white converse? Or how would you style it otherwise? Thanks and I love your style babe! <3

for sure that would def be nice! but I would style it like with a long line kimono, dr martens and like a fedora. thank u babe u are too sweet 😘

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