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Is it 50ish including the stud of excluding?

it's including the stud! (:

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hi :) i'm from Poland and i found your photo in Google, and them i found your fe. ask, inst :) you're so cute :)

włóczykij. ø

haha hey whatsup!!!

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How was hardwelll!!!

fucking cray!!!!!! but so worth it

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will part timer in topshop have to wear topshop clothes?

usually there's a uniform on weekdays but only on weekends are you allowed to wear your own clothes but they need to be from topshop!

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Would you guess this were the favorite movies of Angelina Jolie? lol http://www.gemfeed.com/?utm_source=ask&utm_campaign=elevenyellow#!/profile/angelina-jolie/?ref=ask

haha i can't see the link tho

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How do u keep yr teeth not so yellowish if u smoke..?

hahaha well I'm not the best person to ask because my teeth are not in any good condition but I guess u could always use those whitening strips if you're concerned.

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Will u be selling anything in your wardrobe soon? Rlly rlly love the army parka you have!

hmm, not really you can check out my carousell though! user is mizchiefmagik (:

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what do u want to be when u are older

I do either want to have my own brand or work for a fashion magazine (:

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How's the lazyoaf bagpack you got for your bday in real life? :) Is it nice and worth it in your opinion? :)

Hey! Yes def worth the money even though it's a little pricey but it's useful for school and i've not seen anyone carry the same backpack as me (: but it's a present after all so i do appreciate it a lot more!!

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how do you pull off wearing heels all the time? like, wont you always be taller than most of your friends?

HAHA usually yes, but now I wear heels when i'm with my bf rather than friends because they hate it and he tolerates it so. Other wise i'd just get my friends to wear heels with me so we'll be the same height but it usually never happens.

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May I know what camera and lens you're using? :D

Hi, i'm sorry to disappoint you but im using my iphone 4s HAHAHAHA.

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how should i style a red checkered/tartan midi skirt?

Hahaha layer w a shirt under a black pullover and wear boots!!!

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(I'm the one who asked you the question about giving a guy another chance) Hi! I teared a little reading your reply. It helped a lot, but i guess i need to sort out my thoughts and feelings… Thank you, leah :')

hey sweets no need to get so emotional!!! hahahaha i'm just offering advice here. No worries dear, just think it through and ask yourself if its worth it to give him a shot or not. And also, frankly speaking, if it didn't work once, there might be something there that just doesn't fit, no matter how hard you want it to (speaking from personal experience), so it may not work out in the end, but yeah. stay strong girl i'm always here if you need someone to give out (hopefully not useless) advice! xx <3

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Do you have a pair of JC Damsels? And if so, how long can you stand in them? Cause my feet freaking hurt when I wore them for the first time and only for 3 hrs -.-

Joanna Grace Tiu

Haha nope I don't own damsels babe but i think the damsels have a higher arch than the lita from what I can see in photos so that's probably why ):

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You don't look like the type to smoke. Hope you're not super addicted to smoking!

Nah, i'm not addicted. Its just a sort of thing I picked up somewhere along the way and its usually a social thing. don't worry ^^

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Omg I just found your blog and I'm so in loveeeeeeeeee with your blog and style and pretty much everything! And omg I love dominique nghiem too!!!!!!!! Omg you're one of my inspiration right now <33333

Haha wow babe firstly thanks for checking out my blog! ((: and yeah she's freaking amazing and I love her style too haha. And thanks so much!! It means alot to hear that. xx <333

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can u do a blogpost on your shoes? I love ur style so much! xx

Yeah sure! I'll find time to do one. soon I hope.... bc im 4ever lazy tbh. but i'll try (: ah, thank you lovely!!! <3

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