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(I'm the one who asked you the question about giving a guy another chance) Hi! I teared a little reading your reply. It helped a lot, but i guess i need to sort out my thoughts and feelings… Thank you, leah :')

hey sweets no need to get so emotional!!! hahahaha i'm just offering advice here. No worries dear, just think it through and ask yourself if its worth it to give him a shot or not. And also, frankly speaking, if it didn't work once, there might be something there that just doesn't fit, no matter how hard you want it to (speaking from personal experience), so it may not work out in the end, but yeah. stay strong girl i'm always here if you need someone to give out (hopefully not useless) advice! xx <3

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Omg I just found your blog and I'm so in loveeeeeeeeee with your blog and style and pretty much everything! And omg I love dominique nghiem too!!!!!!!! Omg you're one of my inspiration right now <33333

Haha wow babe firstly thanks for checking out my blog! ((: and yeah she's freaking amazing and I love her style too haha. And thanks so much!! It means alot to hear that. xx <333

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