Ask @leahshannon:

How about those flare jeans? I think the flare at the bottom made the jeans look cute hahaha! How would u recommend to style it thou? Im thinking of getting a flare one but scare i cannot pull off the look ><

Omg I love the flare!!!!!!! But I feel like it's just a trend and idw to invest in it if it's just gna be a passing trend kind? Haha. I always wanted to wear them with like a bell sleeve off shoulder crop top and a floppy hat with like platforms. Or even like a chiffon spaghetti strap top tucked into the pants would be very nice.

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Are topshop jeans worth to buy? :) any recommendation on which type of jeans! Xiexie

I think they are not too bad!! If you're a student you get 10% discount as well so that's good. They last very long as well my Joni jeans (which are very highwaisted) lasted me for years now. I would recommend the jaime jeans just because I like that it's a thicker denim compared to the Leigh jeans. Their boyfriend jeans or Hayden jeans and mom jeans are the very popular ones if you are into that style.

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:-( can I ask why if you don't mind?

Sure you can haha. Nah I just don't like the competitive environment in my faculty and I know nus in general is really competitive but like in arts I think it would be easier for me to score / do well. Guess i'm not much of a accounting / analytical person. And even when the modules are not accounting based or math based it's still super difficult to even get a B because of the bell curve and shit. So I feel like the amount of effort I put into studying isn't worth it especially if I want to get an A or even a B+ because I feel that I would have to commit my life to staring at my books. Kinda want to focus on doing other things in life like enjoying it???? HAHAHAH. don't let me destroy your impression of biz though, like if you're into the studying thing like go ahead for real! But if you're not, I really really suggest another faculty or like try it out first for a sem and then if you don't like it from the start, change faculty because it's not gna get any better hahaha.

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Hello! should I get this in navy or black? And how would you style it for a more casual look?:-)

I mean black is always my go to colour so I would definitely choose black but the navy is nice if you're more into colours. I'd pair it with a basic crop top and a kimono if you want to be casual if not wearing a halter fitted crop top either printed or not with a high neckline and gladiator sandals is pretty nice as well! (:

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