Ask @leahshannon:

hi leah! how would u match this bralet ): i love this bralet but still dont dare to wear it out cause it will make me look flat ):

hey it depends on if you want to be casual or not. I would pair it with denim shorts and a blazer over (because why not) and some like nikes. But if you want to be more girly, maybe with a maxi skirt or cigarette pants and like a kimono would be nice!!! I don't think it will make you look flat, just wear a good bra hahahah.

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Hey ask i can what's the smallest size for ts lingerie? (Bottom garment) 😅 i wanna get one but im afraid it will be slightly big for me plus cannot try/exchange! How to know which size fits hahahah thanks 🙈

smallest might be uk4 but usually very limited like numbers sold. so I would say uk6 is the smallest which is XS. if u are not sure of the size try the bikini bottoms sizes and then compare it to the lingerie!!! (:

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And by looking at the jeans irl, are they all very tight fitting? :( joni and jamie are very nice! Binx look nice too! Im actually very petite and has a very small waist hahaha but i also dont want the jeans to be very tight from my thigh area to my ankle. I need some advise hahaha

Yeah they are quite tight fitting but they are super stretchy. You should try them on to see if they are comfortable for you. You can try the Topshop petite range to see if those fit better!!!

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