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Why not? If the people who aren't on the list can't take it, it's not your fault..

True alright well this isn't in order but my close friends are probably...
Katie Ann

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Why do girls' and boys' clothes have buttons on opposite sides?

I actually read about this the other day. It's because way back when, normally men dressed themselves unlike women who were dressed by servants. They flipped it because it was easier and faster on the servants
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What if she doesn't l? What if she has a phobia of fingers... And geography. And people.. And the word Alaska? What then!

She can live her life terrified of her name then, when she's older she can change it

Who would name there kid Alaska? She's gonna b in a young class of geography& the teachers gonna be like "ok Ted point to Alaska" and Ted is going to point to your little girl. Setting her up 4 a life of being pointed @ during geography class. Good job.

I think it's a cute name for a little girl. There's a little girl named Ireland in the SHS pre school. It'll be okay I promise


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