Ask @leahzitzke:

Who was all there

kaley, parker, josh, ryan, jack, and i

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Why were you and Kaley at coz with Parker yesterday

parker wasn't the only one there

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Prove it

prove what

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why r u in Florida

just for fun

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Well do they?

idk ask them

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When do you and Danielle get back from Florida? How many more days till you go?

we go march 4th and get back march 12th or 13th

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One pic that describes your night?

How has your day been?

pretty bad

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How many days till you and Danielle go to Florida?


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Cutest couple?

parker and his headgear

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Your hair is getting dark😄

yea ik. it will get light again in the summer tho.

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Do they like you?


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Do you like anyone?


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Your amazing 💕

Opinion on Annika?

I don't know her well but she's really pretty and seems nice.

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what are you doing for spring break?


stop asking me these questions

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Are you replacing sydney in the #fff?


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tbh// your my bff & ilysm & spring break is gonna be littttttt🔥

AW ILYSM TAY😍❤️💦💋🔥💍 and yess

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Are you open to dating

Wtf anon, who cares, leah can wear what she wants

rightt haha thx❤️❤️

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