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What are your HG skincare products?

IOPE trouble soothing line and Dr. Jart Ctrl-A line.

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Who are your favourite bloggers/youtubers?

Favourite blogger: Vanessa @ Citronandguavaberry
Favourite youtubers: Hollyannaree and Jen (Fromheadtotoe)

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Hi!!! I was wondering if the sites you're currently sponsoring (on your sidebar) are trusted??? It's too cheap to be true.....

Hello! All the stores on the sidebar are trustable, and I would personally shop from them myself.

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hello~ 2 questions 1. I'm of Indian origin and so I have dark skin, would you recommend any good whitening products to me? 2. Who is your favorite character out of Boys over flowers? Awesome blog btw, keep up the good work! :)

The "whitening" products I use are mainly for brightening up the complexion, not to actually make your skin look more white (Laneige's "White Plus Renew" + Dr. G's "White Aura Turning Foam"). They work well to brighten, though!

And ohh, BOF. Favourite character has to be... er... Jan-di's best friend (who likes Kim Bum's character). Not because she was an interesting, complex character, but because I hated everyone else. Lol.

Thank you! n__n

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What brand of acne medication do you recommend? There's a lot that I can't use, because it'll just dry my skin out. ;-; Please help!!!! ( ≧Д≦)

I can't help too much with this, because I've only used 1 brand of (prescribed) acne medication - and it was only for a short time. I used Differin (0.3%), and like many other acne meds, is supposed to dry your skin out to work. xD

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Hi, do you mind sharing your skin care routine ? i have super oily skin and im curious about skincare suitable for my skin. :)

I use a number of products, and never stick to 1 product for too long (your skin gets used to it and won't work as well).
Mornings: Foam cleanser (Sheseido pureness) with Clarisonic
Evenings: Scrub/clay mask/foam cleanser (Every 3 days, usually just use a foam cleanser)

...I realize that barely made any sense at all. Sorry! I'll definitely go to making a separate post about it. ;o;

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What problems did you have in school?

Uhm... I didn't have any "academic" problems in HS, and was pretty much a high honours student. But I got into quite a lot of fights with guys (none of that catty girl nonsense).

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Would you marry a robot?

Better question: Would a robot marry me???

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What are your thoughts on the Dr. Jart Ctrl-A Clarifying Toner and Lotion? My forehead has been breaking out like crazy lately, so I need something to help heal and prevent that from happening again.

I think it's good, and it helped prevent breakouts for me. I like it better than my Laneige set (previous HG), so that's saying something. The only thing "bad" about it is the price. The set is pretty expensive given its TINY size.

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can you recommend a daily sunscreen for oily/acne prone skin?

Man... I actually hate sunscreen, haha~ I'm incredibly picky - but the only one I'll tolerate is Shiseido's ultra sun protection lotion. Doesn't break me out! :)

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can u give us some blogger tips??

I'm not in a position to give tips, though... uhm.

Maybe... to post relevant things in your blog, and not let sponsorships change what your blog is.
If you have a beauty blog, no one wants to read about your sponsored dog biscuits. Or a cheap $1 knick-knack doll thing.

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What do you think your best feature is?

My amazing, bright, enlightening personality.

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Kim Tan or Young Do?

I hate that drama. Joowon.

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What's your ideal guy?

Jay Park + Kim Woobin + Joowon + Gaksital (LOL) + Park Kiwoong + You


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How do others perceive your personality?

They think I'm a sweet little Asian girl.

One of these things is not true.

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Do you like being alone?

I don't mind it.
I'm not one of those girls that need a washroom-cafeteria-study-shopping-etc buddy.

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What frustrates you the most?

People who don't answer questions they're asked. It's annoyingly frustrating.

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