Ask @legenczari:

How much is the Milk Makeup? How bout a cheaper brand what can u suggest? been searching for it since last 2wks im scared to use products I dont know kasi :(

It's about $24 for the lip and cheek but it's a loooot of product so it's value for money! Another lip and cheek I can recommend is the one from happy skin! I love the shade warm and toasty hehe

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hi ms. czari, what's eye shadow brushes should i buy and where to get them? im a beginner and i really want to learn how to put eye shadow properly. thank you! hope you can help me :)

Hi! I recommend brushes from Suesh for beginners. There's a branch in Wilson and Glorietta! They have several sets you can choose from or you can also buy individual brushes. 😊❀️

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Hi czar! Went out w this guy on xmas night, catch some drinks. We are friends, and it's our first time to go out and then he dropped me @ our house. We texted for a while and then the next day, he didn't reply na. Sobrang broken ako. Hai don't wanna to make the first move naman again to text him 1st

Giiiiiirl don't chase him huhu I know it's hard but u can do it!!! Don't be broken girl ur a beautiful unicorn!! 😭😭❀❀❀

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Hi. A little constructive criticism. I don't think you're doing a great job as a beauty blogger as you seem to "love" everything that gets sent to you :/ I used to love your posts but now I think it's all sponsored. I just don't believe in your recommendations anymore.

It's fine I totally get where you're coming from! Also my fault since if I don't like something sent to me, then it simply just never makes it on the blog so that's why it seems like I just love everything sent to me. Just wanna say that that's definitely not the case and I only recommend products that really have a special spot in my collection. I've definitely had to be honest with some companies but of course all that happens behind the scenes already hehe. Thanks and I appreciate your constructive criticism!

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CZARI!!!!!!! I am SUCH a fan. Came across your video randomly and I'm obsessed. I hope you do make more of them. Sana basic makeup tutorial, and your travel makeup routine!!!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL GIRL I AM FROM CEBU AND I SWEAR I FANGIRL EVERY TIME

Hiiiii!! I dunno how to explain how touched I am but here's a pic I took after reading your comment I HOPE U SEE THE LEGIT TEAR U MADE ME CRY HAHA LOVE YOU!!! 😭😭😭❀️ thank you so much!!!

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