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re: cranberry eye + faux freckles, maybe you could call it "casual wine night look" kidding aside that look really looks amazing on u πŸ’“ I live for it 😫

"CASUAL" HAHAHA ILY. Thanks so much girl! Just worried that the tutorial might be so long since it was a little technical but I'll try to find a way to simplify it! πŸ’“

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Czari which is better: benefit or maybelline's brow fiber volumizer??

Depends! The only thing I don't like about the Maybelline volumizer is that the brush can be tricky to use cause it's fat. The benefit one on the other hand has a better and more precise brush but is also way more pricey and doesn't have as much fibers in my opinion. I think you could just try practicing with the Maybelline one til you get the hang of the brush 😊

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(2/2) and it really hurt my feelings kasi alam ko naman na panget ako and makeup na nga Lang ang source of confidence ko.. but more importantly na present pa rin pala ang make up shaming kahit 2017 na. Anyway I just wanna share my story to stop makeup shaming :)

Don't listen to her! Makeup is so much more than what other people perceive it to be. Just remember it can be the way you express self-love, express your creativity, and for me it even helps my anxiety. Just do you and whatever makes you happy! Are you sure she's a real friend? We don't need any more makeup shamers in this world 😩❀️

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Hi Czari have you tried NARS Velvet Skin tint and Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation? Which is better?

Sorry for the late reply! NARS velvet skin tint only looks nice if u use a little. I don't think it's very buildable. Would recommend the Matte and Poreless more cause you can sheer it out with moisturizer or build it depending on your preference πŸ’“

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worth it ba ben nye concealer wheel? best concealer for oily skin? tarte shape tape? nars creamy concealer?

I haven't tried Shape Tape but I heard it's good! NARS creamy concealer and Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer are my faves for undereye. And Benefit Boeing and Laura Mercier secret camouflage are my faves for blemishes.

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Are you going to states to study? dont gooo i want you to do my make up for my grad ball and in my grad i really like you!! you bring out the best in others β€οΈπŸ’›

Message me so I know your dates! I'm sill figuring everything out hehe. Would love to do your makeup 😭❀️✨

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