Ask @legendary_ami:

What shows/genre do you like to watch on tv?

This is tricky since I really do not follow much on television. The stuff I usually watch on television is "Stephen Universe" or "Rick and Morty". The reason why I say it is tricky is I mainly watch anime subbed/raw. The genre I usually go for is Shoujo, Shounen (A little bit), mystery, comedy, and "Gender Bender". I really do not like anything like Hentai/Ecchi. It just removes you from the story and is unneeded if the story is good.

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When did you figure out some thing was off about your gender identity.

I was around 8 years old right before I started puberty when I felt something was really off with my inner and outer view of myself. I was not able to figure out what exactly though I knew it was something with my gender. I hated the thought of my voice deepening and getting facial hair/ hair all over my body. I finally stumbled across an article in my late teens/early twenties about transgender. This article fueled my search more and built up the courage to see a therapist and an endocrinologist to help me.

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