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Hi a Giant bomb fan here, just wondering if someone acutely attempted to make the yellow Russian properly would you try it?

UppercaseCCC’s Profile PhotoChris
absolutely not, Chris, if that is your real name
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I'm reading a science fiction book where one of the characters is established as non-binary & asexual and it made it realize how horrible SF can be at representation. Any idea why a genre that's supposedly about looking ahead and tackling the human condition can be so blindered so much of the time?

This has roots in author privilege, I'd guess - it's easy to forget to include experiences that you have zero authority on. I can't imagine any of my cis friends being able to write an accurate, empathetic version of any trans experience. Not because they don't care, but because they have -no experience- with being trans.
This isn't an excuse, of course. We need more diversity in authorship, and those who come from a place of privilege need to /want/ to diversify their works before we see more representation.
Science fiction might be a vision of a future, but it's still based on a writer's personal view of that future. This happens in games all the time. The breadth of our perception of the world will always factor into the scope of any fiction we imagine. If we never challenge ourselves to see more, experience more, we might never know what to include in that vision.
Not to say that we should never write anything we haven't personally experienced. The key is to always do research - to get to know your subject material - and if we're unsure...ask. We ask someone who does know. Find material to read. Work with people who diversify our team, who add to the experience. I wish more authors did this. Especially in sci-fi.

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Hi! First found out about you on the Big Live Live Show Live, along with lovable maniac Dave Lang, and have been more a fan the more I've followed. Your posts recently have prompted me to consider gender/sexual fluidity in a way I hadn't before, which is rad. So.... question... what's your favorite

We will never know what my favourite

Were you raised religious? I was raised in an extremely conservative christian church and still carry with me a lot of transphobic / gender-conformity related shame. How do you unlearn that bullshit?

I was, sort of. this one is complicated.
I was first raised Catholic, in that I attended catholic school, where I was closeted for most of my childhood years - I knew I was queer at 7, no doubts there whatsoever, so I just stayed silent about it until about 13 when I did a little poll at school to see who of the girls would be my friends still if I turned out to be gay. One of 22 said yes. She, of course, later came out as also queer. The data gathered meant I decided to keep quiet until university about being queer, but also meant I never stopped hating myself for it.
Home life was different, but not. My mother and step dad were very liberal in what they defined as religious - they were those hippie types that studied lots of "different cultures" ...new age stuff and "ancient" stuff and just everything. But their background and basis for perspective was still small town and narrow minded. They would say things that sounded like they tolerated queer people but then in the next breath would inform me that it's all a choice and that no one ever HAS to be gay. Don't even get me started on gender stuff. They weren't having any of that. It was all a choice, or a trauma manifesting as a lifestyle of attention seeking, in their minds. We were sick people who needed their help. They were here to save us. Maybe not by God, but by the power of Choice. Ugh.
The answer to how does one build tolerance and acceptance in ones self after being conditioned to hate and judge is a tough one. It comes down to compassion, for others, but also for yourself - and your conviction in the desire to change. You must practice in both words and actions the compassion and tolerance that you wish to have. Read everything you can to address the bullshit logic we were instilled with - why homophobia and transphobia and racism are justified - dump it all out and find new, accurate, progressive information to replace it with.
And when you DO have a transphobic moment, and your friends call you out on it, remember: it isn't as simple as that transphobia being "you" - it is a BEHAVIOUR. Behaviours are changeable. The guilt you feel for thinking those things is, of course, real. It means you have remorse, /and it sets you apart from the people who really think those horrible things./ Remembering this helps us not get too defensive when we need to reflect and do better.
It's all a journey. Being bigoted is common - recognizing that we have these behaviours and working to change them is a huge step in the direction of personal and societal growth.
The hardest thing is making sure our unconscious actions aren't coming from a place of bigotry. We may not even know when we are showing prejudice - staying conscious of your actions is difficult, but possible. Strive for it always, be kind, have compassion, and remember to be patient with yourself. You are a good person - and you will continue to get even better. Your words and actions are proof of that. Stick with it.

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Thank you for being so open about your gender fluidity / trans-ness. I thought I was just bi/pan but it never felt right. Your askfm got me thinking a LOT about my own labels and kickstarted a personal journey through genderfluidity. Turns out I'm just very non-binary! Thank you so much <3

Welcome to the journey!! It's weird and confusing and good. Glad I could help. It's been so strange doing this all publicly (sort of accidentally) but I'm glad I did if it helped anyone else.

What was the thought process behind the kitty cat names! x

"Dis one looks like a Gnome."
"Her face. It is a gnome"
"Ok ya"
"We would like to name dis odder one after food"
"Delicious food"
"Yes. Delicious kitten"
Our friend came up with Brisket as a suggestion and it immediately stuck - William is Texan so it just felt so right

How did you decide to change to neutral pronouns? Was it tentative at first, or did you just know it was right for you? I'm stuck in this weird place where the physical gender expression I'm comfortable with doesn't match how I feel mentally, and I don't know what pronouns feel right anymore.

My gender and gender performance (I draw a distinction for this answer not because I believe those things need to be different but rather because I'm going to talk a lot about who I am vs how I'm seen) are aspects of myself that I've been conflicted about for most of my life.
There was a time pre-puberty when I looked in the mirror and saw only a boy and was upset that my family always told me I was a girl and I "didn't look anything like a boy" - confusing.
There was a time when I was told I had to be hyper feminine, that I was a woman with a woman's body and had to embrace that in order to be a woman - confusing...
There was a time when I myself decided to address my own feelings about being trans, and was told that in order to /not/ be a woman, I had to be a man (and be SEEN as a man) - confusing!
For some, none of these are confusing - they resonate with the definitions, and are comfortable, and that's ok! The fact that I find these statements to be ...internally incongruent, let's say... is telling.
At some point in my journey, after I decided that I wasn't comfortable with the idea of transitioning "fully" to be seen as a man [again, to be SEEN as a man, I make a distinction here], I resigned to the idea that I wasn't "actually" trans, under a binary definition of gender. It was years later that I explored the ideas of being non binary, of being fluid, and of both the conflation and separation of gender vs gender performance.
I'm not going to fully touch on my insecurities here, but know that at this point almost every part of me was worried that by asserting myself as non binary and asking friends to use neutral pronouns, I was risking my friendship with them. This comes from a place of past trauma. If I could go back and talk to me of three years ago, I'd say something like:
**Your friends love you. Even when some of them have a /really tough time/ using gender neutral pronouns, they respect you and want you to feel safe and comfortable. Trying your best to work under this assumption will do a lot for not only your confidence, but also your friends habits. I empathize with how hard it is, especially with the prejudice you've faced, and the anger you've been the brunt of. But trust in your gut! If you think this is who you are, and trying it on feels good, then don't deny yourself that feeling. Other people get it their whole lives. You deserve it, and always have.**
Insecurities aside, I still wasn't sure if gender neutral pronouns were a) right for me and b) "enforceable" - but I wanted to give them a shot, because I understood one thing: "she" didn't feel right.
I've been using them for a few years, and the effect has been measurable. It's funny how one little pronoun can invoke so much confidence when my identity is constantly being questioned, even if by myself! It's those little moments, when someone uses them with ease, that remind me: yes, I'm on the right path.

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Cis/Het folks putting preferred pronouns in their profiles to try to normalise the idea of preferred pronouns. Cool? Not cool?

Cool. But more importantly:
Let's stop using the word "preferred" to describe pronouns. It's not your "preferred" gender, it's your gender. It's not your "preferred" name, it's your name. Your pronouns are your pronouns! If you are ok using more than one set, "preferred" might make sense, but the word is problematic in context to pronouns that reflect gender.
"Preferred" carries with it a microaggression of "this isn't who you are but I'm so nice that I'll call you that if you like" - preferred implies, a lot of the time, that I've chosen my pronouns to override some true pronoun that reflects my "true" gender. Even if we don't mean to use it that way, we need to be mindful of the implications.
The sooner we get that microaggression out of our heads and language, the sooner it will be "normal" to just let everyone know your pronouns - no matter who you are. I don't assume pronouns or cisgender status based on looks, and finding out someone is cis is just that - a piece of information. I appreciate the info!
Just don't expect a cookie for doing it, that's my request of cis people! <3

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I'm going to Pax this year and it's my first con/thing ever. I'd love to say hi to you in person but I have no idea on the etiquette for it. If I see you on the floor somewhere is it cool to come up and say hi? Or should I try and catch you at a booth or something when you are in PR meet folks mode?

If you see me, please stop to say hello! Treat it like you would any other meeting:
-DON'T interrupt another conversation
-DON'T surprise me by making physical contact without permission
-DO introduce yourself by your name AND your twitter name! Both is best.
-DO mention how you know me and give me SOMETHING to work with in terms of conversation. I can run with anything, but it's really hard to run with nothing. "This is my first convention! I follow you on twitter and know you come to lots of these. See anything awesome this time?" is super easy for me to then ask "ooooh what sorts of games do you love, I bet I can recommend some indies on the show floor"...see how easy that is? Suddenly we're having a full conversation. :)
-DON'T panic, it's ok, we're all human and totally nervous about introducing ourselves. <3 <3 <3
-DO realise I might be exhausted, so if I say something nonsensical I'm sorry I just probably haven't slept in days. X_X

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AAA dev wanting to indie, but all my close friends don't gamedev and I haven't made any good friends since starting this career two years ago. Part of me knows I can start making things and people will eventually show interest, other part is scared that I'm not very likable. Any advice?

You don't need friends to make an indie game - you need the means and the motivation. Friends don't work together just because they like each other! They work together because they have shared vision and motivations.
In fact I would say that working with close friends is sometimes not as good as assembling a team of people who might not know each other particularly well but have experience making games or projects that have similar inspiration.
Are you worried you're not likeable because you're mean? Don't be mean! Being mean is bad. Or are you just worried because you haven't yet made close friends in this industry? That's OK. I try to encourage all game devs to have friends OUTSIDE of the industry.
Honestly I think that not being very likeable but having a likeable game is "better" than being likeable but having a not very likeable game. For business at least. Although, when I think about it, lots of not very likeable people I know with a likeable game in the indie scene still have managed to make plenty of friends. ;)
If you get the feedback that you're abrasive, or not fun to be around, that's something I can't help with in an ask.fm answer - but if you're just worried that you don't make friends fast enough, it's totally ok. Join the club of nervous, not-sure-of-ourselves people, looking to make beautiful things and maybe a friend or two along the way. The indie scene is pretty welcoming. Follow a bunch of indies on twitter (I assume you already do because you are asking this question), get a sense of who you think is in line with what you'd like to make! I'd suggest going to some local indie meetups if you can, and conventions in which indie games are showcased. Indiecade, for example!

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As a Destiny fan, how do you think the Taken King is shaping up? Additionally; thoughts on Dinklage getting replaced by Nolan North?

ImperiousRix’s Profile PhotoRicardo Gonzalez
I'm gonna buy The Taken King for sure. I actually haven't been watching the news too much; I sort of leave that to my partner who plays the MMO side of Destiny while I play the shootyshootymanmans. Or aliens. Or robots.
I'm sad they re-recorded Dinklage. But I could have lived with it better had they chosen anyone other than whiteprotag mcscrufferson to voice the ghost. Destiny has a huge cast of diverse talent voicing minor characters in the tower and reef and I have no idea why they didn't choose someone other than Nolan North for the only other main character in the game.
People keep saying "union" or "guaranteed quality" but looking at the talent they have in the tower I'm not buying it. Bullshit. Clearly they have access to plenty of diverse voice actors all with fabulous talent!!
But oh well. A boring choice that will result in a good ghost. I'll miss dinklebot's misplaced emphasis and lack of emotion. It was endearing in that it was pretty awful, and I loved it.

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So are you FtM trans?

I get this question a lot from a bunch of strangers so I'll just address it!!
I'm AFAB, and trans, but not a trans man. I'm non-binary and understanding my own gender more every day. Maybe some day I might decide to identify as a trans man! But even then the binary doesn't feel right for me.
Here's a thing: I often find that people who ask me to label myself with the binary are asking so that they can feel more comfortable around me. Like the idea of not being a man or a woman worries them for some reason? Not just makes them nervous because they don't know what language/pronouns to use (that i get and its ok to be sensitive about respecting a trans person) but genuinely WORRIES them, like I'm not well or something?? (???!!) Right now I'll say that while I'm learning myself, I'm not going to give myself any labels beyond genderqueer - especially not using the gender binary!
Anyway. The short version is "no and also why does it matter"
Hope that helps

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I need some advice, how do I tell myself I'm good at things? Is that too vague?

Confidence is tricky - we often hear "fake it til you make it" (which I actually sort of agree with, a different conversation) but we run the risk of faking it into arrogance if we forget the making it part. So how to tell myself that I'm probably good at that thing I keep doing well over and over again?
Or rather, how to first silence the voice that tells me I'm probably bad at everything always, so as to make room for the idea that I might be good at something?
If I make a cake I know it's good because I am certain every step of the process was perfect - but I also feed it to a friend and they like it and I know for sure my cake was good. Both contribute to me gaining confidence in telling myself I'm good at cake. If I do it enough times, I start to rely on the first check more than the last - I eventually know before my friend eats it that it's gonna be awesome.
The truth here is not everything is as measurable as cake. But I've worked hard to figure out how to surround myself with people I look up to - and when they are able to give me real constructive feedback (negative AND positive), I know that they will be the external voices that echo my internal self-confidence.
Telling yourself you're good at things is important, but learning how to believe yourself is just as crucial. Confidence is a muscle - you've gotta practice, and work it out, and learn how to believe in yourself. It takes time, and you can always get stronger, but like most things, it's better with a friend.
In the most expected twist of the day, I feel like I'm terrible at writing these responses.

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are you trans/genderqueer/fluid?

Yes! It's a process, I'm figuring it out. I know that's tough for people, because it's confusing to those around me, but it's been a struggle for me for about twenty years, and I sometimes worry it'll be something I never figure out.
Let's go into it a bit:
I am not my assigned-at-birth gender. I would absolutely refer to myself as part of the trans community and trans myself. I have thought long and hard for many years about transitioning. But in the past three or four years there has been much more of a movement in the trans community to talk about non binary as a reality - and the truth is that I think I fit more in a world where the binary shifts into a spectrum, where we think about gender as more than just men and women. I hope there is room for non binary individuals to exist.
But yes. Gender is complicated. It's tied to all sorts of thing - social norms and acceptance and bodies - my body needs changing, that much I know for sure, and I sort of still struggle every day with pronouns and what to do with my gender. But the main thing right now is that I know it is MY gender, my choice, and my journey. Everyone else might feel awkward being on it with me, but everyone else needs to remember that *I'm* the one who was sent to "therapy" as a teen to be straight, to be cis. Which is a type of therapy and thinking that stays with you a long, long time.
I'm still sorting through all that, and figuring it out for myself.
When people recognize my journey by using "they" and "them" (gender neutral pronouns) I feel so, so good. For someone who has had to hide who they are for so many years, in gender and sexuality, it's amazing when I'm offered the chance to feel...like it's ok! It's ok that I'm not a man, or a woman. That's just fine. And the friends who do use female pronouns for me? They're on this journey with me, and we'll all figure it out together at some point. No one I love today has ever maliciously misgendered me - and for that I'm thankful, and so so lucky.
I'd like to clarify this: not every gender neutral or genderqueer person is "figuring it out" - many are gender neutral, and that is their true and real gender. For those friends, she or he is misgendering. We should all try our best to incorporate "they/them" in to our diction so we can respect our trans friends, no matter where they lie on the spectrum!
Having said all that, nothing makes me happier than being mistaken for a boy, or being told I'm a cute 90s boyfriend. The idea that my (straight) boyfriend is SUPER into me and feels a little funny when I'm in full boy mode...I'm living the dream, folks. Living my personal dream. Every now and then a cutie will slip in "he" instead of "they" and I pretty much melt into a puddle of smooches.
In conclusion: all I want is to be remembered as Dream Phone boy calibre.
Love you all
Felix '3'

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How do you pronounce Felix? Is the e as in feel or as in felt? My native language is german, so I would tend towards the latter.

I'm down with different pronunciations in different languages! In Canada we have two languages - in english we say feel-ix but in french we say fey-leeks, and I happily embrace both. My german family doesn't call me Felix so I'm not sure how they'd pronounce my name, but if in Germany it'd be fell-ix instead of feel-ix I'm into it.
Basically, names have different pronunciations in different languages. The rest of my names are from Tolkien books and have ....a pronunciation guide that nobody friggin follows anyway, so I've never been hung up on the way people say my name. So long as the intention is there, and most of the syllables are the same, I'll happily answer to it!
This is like how my friends named Steven are Estevan or Stefan depending on where they are, which is way tougher to keep track of sometimes!

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So I just noticed you have Iron Galaxy in your bio on Twitter. How long have you worked there and what do you do for them? Great seeing you on the Big Live Live Show!

Hey! So I started on contract with IG recently (just after GDC) doing PR, logistics, and other such nonsense for their indies - they're publishing three games this year:
-Gunsport (gunsport.tv) by @necrosoftgames
-VIDEOBALL (videoball.net) by @108
-CAPSULE FORCE (capsuleforce.com) by @klobitgames
They're all competitive multiplayer games, they're all wicked fun, and they're all coming out later this year!
Thanks for watching our ridiculous hungover faces on the Big Live Live Show, it was a blast - hope to do it again sometime. With Dave of course. Maybe.
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You were great on the Big Live Live Show: Live: Premium Subcriber Stream. The Goooochh!

But yes, I was. GO ARSENAL

Psst! Just between you and me, I was in charge of making a list of hairstyles for a game, and I made sure one of them was The Felix. :D

:o this is awesome and amazing and I hope I get to play it and use the haircut!! <3
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how do i get hired by dave lang

be better than him at a thing and then prove it in mortal kombat. i killed dave lang with my bare hands and he nodded calmly and hired me.
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I don't know coding (dabbled in game maker) but enjoy writing stories and dialogue. Should I advertise myself as a writer to game devs or should I take the plunge and teach myself an engine? P.S. Your hair is always dope and on point.

You don't need to be a coder to make a game!
Write your ideas down, they're good ideas. Write them all down.
You can always meet people who will fill your team. Do you feel the need or desire to be a programmer? If so, then learn! There are lots of resources to help you out. If not, then continue with your passion - the more you write and design scenarios and interactions, the more of a game you'll create. Coding is just one aspect.
Good writers combine with other good team members - artists, programmers, designers, producers, everyone - to create good games. There are many roles. Focus on the ones you love most, and you'll find it easier to be really good at them. I am of the opinion that if you don't want to code/draw/write, the energy you might spend frustrated over learning the skill is better spent meeting people who already have a passion for it and want to work with you.
It takes many people, truly. No need to lone wolf it.

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If we meet in a grocery store and reach for the same bag of doritos and I let you take it but you insist I got there first and it's the last bag and we're both hungry and the PA starts playing Enya and I'm crying and it's awkward for everyone am I allowed to call you The Gooch? The bag is Cool Ranch

TRICK QUESTION. Why would I ever reach for Cool Ranch Doritos when there is Spicy Nacho or Jalapeno available to me

As I try to figure out my genderfluidity, I find it increasingly hard to live with the dysphoria that comes when my mental and physical genders don't match up. Is this something you feel too? If so, how do you deal with it?

Dysphoria is scary. It plays into anxieties and insecurities and constantly makes me feel like I'm a liar in some way. My body does NOT fit my mental ideal - I'm very curvy.
I've started to accept myself a little more though, and love myself a little more - the idea that I can be called handsome (thank you twitter, you've helped so much with this) while still having E cups is very empowering to me. I still think I need to change my body in order to ease the dysphoria, but that will come with time. For right now, I deal by reinforcing the notion that bodies do not determine gender every chance I get.
Our bodies do not determine gender. We do. Looking and feeling a certain way is up to us, and that's a long and difficult journey for many of us, and while related, it's completely separate from what a lot of cis people see as gender.
It's tough to explain. The only way I deal with dysphoria is to accept that [social views of] gender is a construct and finding our place in said construct is something we have been trained to do. Those who find their place can often in turn offer support to those who are struggling. I'm getting there. I suspect I'll always be "getting there" - and that's ok.
When it's really bad I kiss a cutie if I can. If not I lie on the bathroom floor and stare at the ceiling a bunch.

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hey Felix, do you have any plans for a set of Cuties shirts where the fitted ones are black & the unisex ones are blue?

Hey! There are fitted ones in black and blue, and unisex ones in black and blue!

Are you doing well?

No, life is rapidly changing against my will at a time when I could have used stability, but that's just how it is. I'm dealing with more than most people can appreciate, but I've always dealt with really hard things alone, so I'm looking forward to May when I'm traveling on my own schedule by myself. I'll be okay eventually. Until then, focusing on work is the best way to deal.
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If you found a bunch of shrunk people in your chair, what would you do?

Wait, like, a bunch of tiny people? Do you mean a bunch of my friends shrunk and are now in my chair? because if so I immediately start looking for the magical creature that did it. If you're talking about suddenly a bunch of Borrowers being in my chair, I think I hold very very still and attempt to not frighten them, and also understand that it's better if we just...don't tell anyone this happened. I guess if they want to be friends we totally do that and they ride around with me when I travel and we are friends forever. FOREVER.
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I want to get involved with game dev, but I can't code or do art well. I do have lots of media experience though (journalism degre, print, web & tv). I know you work with lots of indie devs, so I was wondering if you had any advice for how I could get involved in PR/marketing stuff for a small team.

wuerflein’s Profile PhotoHans Wuerflein
This is gonna be a long one.
A good thing to remember is that there are lots of roles in development outside of coding and art - for example, designers are often neither of these things! Never feel like just because you don't code or draw professionally you can't be in games. You can. Just ONE of those other roles is PR. So! I'll touch on some of the major things I think about when I consider my PR jobs.
Media experience can be a big help in making the jump to PR and marketing, but keep in mind that a large portion of being good is having your finger on the pulse of the industry. Understanding how and when it's going to change is so so important in deciding who to approach - and when to approach them - about a project. Indie games don't have marketing budgets, so we gotta be flashy and appealing in small, unique ways. Good business sense is essential to understanding the way the industry is flowing - and without it, you can get stuck spending a bunch of precious money on stuff that won't benefit your project!
Getting to know lots of people is also crucial. The more stories, opinions, and viewpoints you hear, the more informed your decisions are. Listening to lots and lots of people is REALLY important. Hearing their success/failure stories is priceless. Think about context, and what made their situations unique, and apply those learnings when you find your own projects in similar (or opposite) contexts.
We're such a tiny industry, but we're growing every day. Teams often don't have really defined roles. PR and marketing might be my title on some teams, but more times than not I'm actually a combined PR/producer role, because in order to have good PR you need to have a very clear production timeline. Other times I take on more of a business role, trying to manage the budget while planning press pushes prior to launch.
There are so many things to take into account when you're making a game, and thusly so many job descriptions! PR is one of them, but it bleeds greatly into other roles. In my experience, the best way to get into games is to meet people you really get along with - people who complement your strengths and weaknesses - and then start making a thing. I'm incredibly lucky to live on the west coast of Canada, close to many conventions meaning I'm able to meet a tonne of people. I'm still working on an answer for "what if I live in a place that's really far away from conventions?" but I think there's room for it to get easier - online communities, accessibility of tools...we really need to work together as an industry to make sure people from everywhere have a chance to be heard and seen.
This got long, so I'll end it there for now. I really need to do some vlogs on this subject! Soon.

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Hi! I was at PAX Prime and saw you at the Indie Megabooth, but it was my first con and I was starstruck and I just blurted out an awkward "hi, you're awesome, keep up the good work" out of nowhere. My sincerest apologies if I stepped out of line! I really admire all the work you do for indie devs.

Woah, sorry if I didn't respond properly - PAX Prime was such a weird and intense time for me and others. Thank you so much for the compliment - there are so many amazing people who work SO HARD for the indie scene, and I'm so honoured to be part of the community.
As for our encounter - totally not out of line <3 Come by next time you see me and say hi, introduce yourself, and we can chat! I know conventions can be totally overwhelming, but please know that I really would love to meet you. :)

I bought and loved the cuties killing video games hoodie first campaign. Being grossly enamored with it I rationed it to heavy use on weekends only. My 16 year old twin little sisters loved it with no understanding of its creation. I got them each one for Christmas. They constantly wear them. Thnx!!

This brought a smile to my face. :) Thank YOU!
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Your beginner routine will depend on your goals: What's your fitness goals? It can be x lbs of body fat lost, getting stronger or faster in general or at specific tasks, building muscle etc.

Definitely "getting stronger" just hoping to be able to do more pushups, lift a little more weight, something very slow building because my joints can't do too much at a time! 30 min routine if possible!

are you into physical fitness at all? i'm a 6'1 220lb bodybuilder (woman!) and i find that there's pretty much zero women who like to lift up heavy shit and put it down

I actually used to train a lot, and then some auto immune stuff meant that in my early 20s my joints got all inflamed and my body went a little haywire. My sister and I are starting to get back into now though, since my body is doing better! But I'm starting small. Swimming and cardio and free weights at home. Do you recommend a beginner/intro routine??

Hi. Your hair is rad. What do you use to color it? I started with Punky Color and went to Special Effects; little pricier but worth it.

Hi you, your hair is ALSO awesome! I actually just switched from Manic Panic to Punky...and the punky colour has lasted SO LONG that I just...don't have a reason to switch again for a while. I last dyed my hair the day before Desert Bus which was November 13th...and it's still SUPER bright and beautiful!! I think my hair might just be mega dead and doesn't want to let go of the dye...hah. Does Special Effects have the right green/blue I wondeeerrr...I'll keep it in mind when I have to repurchase!
I used to get it professionally done, when it was long - I'd pay a LOT of money every month or two to get it dyed and cut and straightened. Now I use that money for other stuff like plane tickets to conventions and whatnot. ;)

hey! I met you at Fantastic Arcade once! You probably wouldn't remember me but I just wanted to let you know thanks for being super nice to me for the small amount of time we talked, I really needed it since it was my first event and I was so nervous around everyone! <3

No worries!!! Fantastic Arcade was such a cool awesome time, and was full of cool awesome people, including you! Hmm I'm trying to remember people I met for the first time (there were about fifty of them I think) ...I remember several strangers that I spent a very short time with: one meeting by the bar that involved a DS, one lovely individual that I got a wicked TETRAGEDDON sticker from that's currently on my laptop, and a few cuties wearing a cuties shirts, which was a TOTAL delight to see! Anyway, hope you come out to more stuff :D and glad you had a good time <3

Do you ever go through a level of anxiety or regret when cutting and/or coloring your hair? I cut my own hair and have had many a time when I straight up panicked about something I did.

ImperiousRix’s Profile PhotoRicardo Gonzalez
I don't think I've ever had anxiety about cutting my hair, or regretted it! I use cutting my hair as a method of dealing with anxiety about other things! It is a fresh start, something to make me feel like I'm back in control of my life, that sort of thing.
I used to grow my hair out and only trim the very ends on full moons, but that was a different time of my life.
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Is it possible to just get into writing for video games?

BinaryGirl’s Profile PhotoLinzi
It is very possible to write your own video game if you have an idea! I encourage people to work on projects all the time. Working on your own games can also work into having a portfolio to present to a larger company if that is something that appeals to you.
Any creative career path can feel like a slow grind - finding a job in AAA media is tough. Which is why it's so so so important to, if you want to write for video games, write your ideas down all the time.
Your ideas are good ideas, WRITE THEM DOWN.
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2014 was terrible in most ways, BUT, what was the best, most positive thing that happened to you last year?

Wertle’s Profile PhotoLisa Brown
Ugh. Last year had so many of the most wonderful moments paired with so many of the darkest times. I met so many incredible people, worked on so many cool projects...made real friends that I'll never forget, ever. But our family also experienced great loss, and hard times that we still haven't recovered from. And the last half of 2014 taught me more about myself than I was prepared to know.
I am a richer person for it though. January's Steam Dev Days started it all, really, because there I met some of the closest friends I have. March brought GDC, and with it an almost overwhelming sense of camaraderie, which bled into April's PAX East, onto June's E3 and July's EVO ....August's PAX Prime (and being reunited with my sister after 10 years!)...September's Fantastic Arcade...October was Indiecade and November had Wild Rumpus....and December's PSX ended it all with a trip to Vegas and drinks in the shape of ducks...
2014 is easy to remember as stressful, terrifying, depressing, and awful. In fact it's very difficult to remember all the good times. I think with time it might get easier, and the moments I've listed here will stand out as the memorable parts.
My sister coming to live with me after 10 years of being separated is something that neither of us has processed completely yet. I think ten years from now when someone asks me "what was 2014 like for you" ...it's gonna be that.
<3 <3 <3

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I'm not sure of another way to respond to your answer, so I'll do it here. Thanks for responding. Sorry if it came off as ignorant; I'm pretty inexperienced with the world of inclusiveness. I was just curious of your opinion since you probably deal with that shit often. You're awesome!

Josh Harris
That's cool!!! Glad to have answered it. And remember: you're already part of the "world of inclusiveness" so long as you're open to learning and changing habits that might be hurting people (even unintentionally!) - the ability to say "oh! I'm so sorry. I will remember that for next time" and then APPLY the knowledge to the best of your ability, whether it's concerning pronouns or gender or sexuality or race or ANYTHING ELSE...that's a big part of what makes this industry more and more inclusive.
It's a journey, but we need to WANT to be on it in order for it to mean something.
Of course, the moment we prioritize our need to be recognized as an "inclusive person" over actively diversifying, we set ourselves and our community back a notch. Or ten. I think I've mentioned it before, but the mantra of the ally/supportive friend is always "it's not about us" <3.

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In the comments of your GotY on GB, a few people asked about your use of "they" in place of a binary pronoun. The moderators chose to delete those posts. I get that they want to avoid unleashing the assholes, but do you think that's the best way to handle it when people are simply curious?

Josh Harris
There are many ways to look up all sorts of terminology online before posting a comment somewhere! And people started linking the wiki entry for the singular they in the comments as responses.
The climate right now is one of antagonism and inflammation. I'm not a moderator on GB so I can't comment on their policies but I can say that encouraging people to research on their own is important and crucial to diversifying this industry.
if you're curious about something just look it up before making what could be a passive aggressive or shitty comment on someone's blog! The fucking end.

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly does "killing videogames" mean?

Dear fellow cutie,
There is a theory you might not be familiar with that has been circulating the gamer community for quite some time: that some people have the desire to KILL VIDEO GAMES. If you're unaware of how to determine who might be killing video games, I've started a list for you.
People Who Are Attempting to Kill Video Games, by Felix
-developers of games about "feelings"
-developers of "walking simulators"
-developers who support the developers making these types of games
-people who write about games
-people who like pixel art
-anyone in AAA who makes any change to any AAA FPS
-people working to make games more accessible to those with disabilities
-i'm not even kidding on that last one
-mobile game developers
-good writers
-many, many more
Essentially, it's becoming more and more apparent to me that we are, as developers and friends of developers, constantly killing video games. And then it dawned on me:
I'm into it.
If I'm killing video games, I may as well own it, and look cute doing it. So we made a shirt - so that cuties everywhere can tell the world...
~~We are killing videogames~~
Hope this helps,
Maya Felix

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Well, as long as saying that makes you feel good and safe. Though in my mind, that just sounds naughty. "How ya feeling? CAN I HAVE A HUG?" Maybe I'm just a pervert lol.

If it's said without expectation it can be totally okay. I have to know it's okay to say no, i'm not feelin so hot right now. Maybe wait to hear how I'm doing and gauge my reaction?
I mean, I'm a special case, in that I'm very comfortable giving hugs. This does NOT apply to everyone.
But now that you've said you're a pervert maybe I'm not so into it.


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